Report: Keith Olbermann Settles Lawsuit Against Gore’s ‘Current TV’ for ‘Significantly Less’ Than He Wanted; Lawyers Cited Financial Hardship

Alternate headline: Insufferable, prima donna blowhard discovers job market for insufferable, prima donna blowhards is weak.

From Politico:

Keith Olbermann has settled his $50 million lawsuit with Current TV, bringing an end to the almost year-long legal dispute over the outspoken host’s dismissal from the liberal news network.

The terms of the settlement, which was reported earlier this week, were not released. But two sources familiar with the negotiations now tell POLITICO that during the mediation stage, Olbermann’s legal representatives cited his inability to get a job at another network — a move one source close to the negotiations interpreted as an effort to gain sympathy for Olbermann.

“One of the cards his people played was hardship,” the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told POLITICO. “He spent last fall talking to all the major networks, and he couldn’t get a job. The idea was, this could be the last money he ever earned.”
POLITICO has confirmed that Olbermann approached numerous cable and broadcast news channels, including ABC News, in pursuit of a job while still on contract with Current TV. Olbermann has also approached non-news networks, including ESPN and AMC, the channel that broadcasts “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad,” sources told POLITICO.
One source who spoke with POLITICO said the settlement between Olbermann and Current TV was “significantly less” than $50 million, though that could not be confirmed with other sources.

In a fight between Al Gore and Keith Olbermann it’s hard to know who to root for, but that aside, it appears Gore emerged victorious on this one.

Has Olbermann tried to get a job introducing movies on TCM yet? That’d be hilarious:


“Our next film this evening is a musical portrait of the multi-talented George M. Cohan, who, unlike Dick ‘Torquemada’ Cheney and Bush-the-War-Criminal, never tortured innocent people. From Cohan’s early days as a child-star in his family’s vaudeville show up to the time of his comeback at which he received a medal from a president — a president who by the way never slaughtered innocent women and children overseas in the name of oil — for his special contributions to the United States. Cohan produced, directed, wrote and starred in this production much the way Bush/Cheney singlehandedly orchestrated the most vile, hateful, illegal and immoral wars this nation, nay the world, has ever seen. We hope you enjoy this 1942 classic, Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

Author: Doug Powers

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