Rachel Maddow Brings the Comedy: Obama Avoids Coming on MSNBC Because He Know’s He’ll Be Asked Tough Questions

Chris Matthews agrees:


What “difficult questions” is Maddow referring to? “Is being my personal God a difficult burden to shoulder?”

Many of MSNBC’s hosts are also more liberal than the White House is, particularly on issues like drone warfare, indefinite detention, and relief for the financial sector. And Maddow argues that Obama avoids the network (he hasn’t agreed to an interview since 2008) in part because his people know he’s going to get asked difficult questions.

Obama probably doesn’t go on MSNBC because he got a new pair of mom jeans but doesn’t want them ruined by the epic leg humping that would take place (there’s a reason Chris Matthews has a nightly segment called “Let Me Finish”).

If anything, Obama won’t agree to an MSNBC interview because he might risk getting hit with a question or two about his broken campaign promises (closing Gitmo, no more warrantless wiretaps, etc.), and why submit to that if they’re going to be in the tank for him anyway?

Author: Doug Powers

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