Facebook Pic of Boy with Gun He Got for Birthday Prompts Police to Seek Warrantless Search of Home

There’s an increasingly disturbing “police state” trend in this country under the guise of “for the children,” and they’re not only targeting your Second Amendment rights, but your Fourth Amendment rights as well:

The ruddy-cheeked, camouflage-clad boy in the photo smiles out from behind a pair of glasses, proudly holding a gun his father gave him as a present for his upcoming 11th birthday.

The weapon in the photo, posted by his dad on Facebook, resembles a military-style assault rifle but, his father says, is actually just a .22-caliber copy. And that, the family believes, is why child welfare case workers and police officers visited the home in Carneys Point last Friday and asked to see his guns.

New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families declined to comment specifically on the case but says it often follows up on tips. The family and an attorney say father Shawn Moore’s Second Amendment rights to bear arms were threatened in a state that already has some of the nation’s strictest gun laws and is considering strengthening them after December’s schoolhouse massacre in Connecticut.

In this case, the family believes someone called New Jersey’s anonymous child abuse hotline.

Shawn Moore said he gave his son Josh the gun as a present to use on hunting trips. The elder Moore was at a friend’s house when his wife called, saying state child welfare investigators, along with four local police officers, were at the house, asking to inspect the family’s guns.

Moore said he called his lawyer Evan Nappen, who specializes in Second Amendment cases, and had him on speakerphone as he arrived at his house in Carneys Point, just across the Delaware River from Wilmington, Del.

“They said they wanted to see into my safe and see if my guns were registered,” Moore said. “I said no; in New Jersey, your guns don’t have to be registered with the state; it’s voluntary. I knew once I opened that safe, there was no going back.”

With the lawyer listening in on the phone, Moore said he asked the investigators and police officers whether they had a warrant to search his home. When they said no, he asked them to leave. One of the child welfare officials would not identify herself when Moore asked for her name, he said.

The agents and the police officers left, and nothing has happened since, he said.

Unfortunately not everybody either knows their rights or has a lawyer at their fingertips to remind them of those rights, and that’s all a developing police state needs to metastasize.

No Money for White House Tours, But Still Enough to Maintain Funding for Duck Genitalia Study


Made possible with a grant from The National Science Foundation

Today’s “taxpayers stuck with the bill” story takes a turn for the somewhat literal:

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a $384,949 grant to Yale University for a study on “Sexual Conflict, Social Behavior and the Evolution of Waterfowl Genitalia”, according to the recovery.gov website.

The grant description says, “The project examines how reproductive morphology covaries with season, age, and social environment in a diverse sample of duck species that differ in ecology, territoriality and breeding system.”

The grant was made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the stimulus package.

The project has been receiving money from the NSF since 2009 and is slated for funding through July of this year.

Below is exclusive audio of a duck having his genitals studied by a Yale zoologist. Your tax dollars at work:

Harry Reid Hits Rock Bottom, Keeps Digging

Last night, seven U.S. Marines were killed in a training accident in Nevada.

Harry Reid immediately took to the floor of the Senate to play politics with their lives by implying the sequester had something to do with it, even though he’s completely unaware of the cause of the accident:

HARRY REID: As I indicated, it was quite a big explosion. We’ll follow this news very closely. I will do whatever I can going forward to support the United States military and the families of the fallen Marines.

Mr. President, it’s very important we continue training our military, so important. But one of the things in sequester is we cut back in training and maintenance. That’s the way sequester was written. Now, the bill that’s on the floor, we hope to pass today helps that a little bit. At least in the next six months, it allows the military some degree of ability to move things around a little bit. Flexibility, we call it, and that’s good. But we have to be very vigilant. This sequester should go away. We have cut already huge amounts of money in deficit reduction. It’s just not appropriate, Mr. President, that our military can’t train and do the maintenance necessary.

These men and women, our Marines were training there in Hawthorne. And with this sequester, it’s going to cut back this stuff. I just hope everyone understands the sacrifices made by our military. They are significant, being away from home, away from families, away from their country.

What a dirtbag.

Reid better be careful though.

Good point:

Video on the Weasel-Tron via Twitchy:

The Future of Runaway Government Spending: Raiding Private Bank Accounts for Bailout Cash

And for some, the future is now:

The surprise decision by euro zone leaders to part-fund a bailout of Cyprus by taxing bank deposits sent shockwaves through financial markets on Monday, with shares and the bonds of struggling euro zone governments tumbling.

The bloc struck a deal on Saturday to hand Cyprus rescue loans worth 10 billion euros ($13 billion), but defied warnings – including from the European Central Bank – and imposed a levy that would see those with cash in the island’s banks lose between 6.75 and 9.9 percent of their money.

Parliament in Cyprus put off a vote on the measure – which has shaken depositors’ confidence in banks across the continent – until Tuesday, however, and with public anger at the deal widespread the government said it was already looking to ease the pain for small savers.

It’s not a done deal yet, but even the idea is worthy of a third world dictator — and world governments are working hard to turn all nations into third world countries.

Gird your coins.

Rich Guy Who Donated a Million Dollars to Re-Elect ‘Tax the Rich’ President Complains About High Taxes on the Rich

Early last year, Bill Maher donated a million dollars to the pro-Obama super-PAC Priorities USA. Obama’s pledge to make the rich pay their “fair share” were and are well documented. California leads the way on that push, but Maher doesn’t seem to appreciate the end result of the very initiatives his donations support:

Pointing at Virginia’s former Republican Congressman Tom Davis, Maher said, “You know what? Rich people – I’m sure you’d agree with this – actually do pay the freight in this country.”

“I just saw these statistics,” he continued, “I mean, something like 70 percent. And here in California, I just want to say liberals – you could actually lose me. It’s outrageous what we’re paying – over 50 percent. I’m willing to pay my share, but yeah, it’s ridiculous.”

Really hard to feel sorry for him, isn’t it?

High taxes may now chase Maher from California, and at that point he’ll go find a place to live that will allow him to protect and keep more of his money so he can continue to give it to politicians who will insist on raising taxes on the rich.

Susan Collins: Obama Didn’t Eat at Lunch Meeting with Republicans Because His Food Taster Wasn’t Present

Yesterday, President Obama met for a luncheon with Senate Republicans. On the menu: University of Maine lobster salad, Fox Family potato chips, and Wild Maine Blueberry pie.

Maine Senator Susan Collins was asked if Obama ate any of the food:

“He looked longingly at it,” Collins continued. “He honestly did look longingly at it, but apparently he has to have essentially a taster, and I pointed out to him that we were all tasters for him, that if the food had been poisoned all of us would have keeled over so, but he did look longingly at it and he remarked that we have far better food than the Democrats do, and I said that was because I was hosting.”

That sort of thing wouldn’t be unprecedented in the past few years, and I’ve heard of previous presidents having their food tested for precautionary reasons — but not at congressional functions.

In this case I suppose it’s possible the food taster was not there because he or she was the victim of sequester cuts, but that doesn’t seem unlikely.

And of course it’s possible that Collins was joking, but if you listen to the audio it sure doesn’t sound like it.

My guess is that Obama often does travel with a food taster — it’s just that the president’s “canary in the coal mine” isn’t aware of his function:


“So, uh, how’s your burger, Joe?

Report: Keith Olbermann Settles Lawsuit Against Gore’s ‘Current TV’ for ‘Significantly Less’ Than He Wanted; Lawyers Cited Financial Hardship

Alternate headline: Insufferable, prima donna blowhard discovers job market for insufferable, prima donna blowhards is weak.

From Politico:

Keith Olbermann has settled his $50 million lawsuit with Current TV, bringing an end to the almost year-long legal dispute over the outspoken host’s dismissal from the liberal news network.

The terms of the settlement, which was reported earlier this week, were not released. But two sources familiar with the negotiations now tell POLITICO that during the mediation stage, Olbermann’s legal representatives cited his inability to get a job at another network — a move one source close to the negotiations interpreted as an effort to gain sympathy for Olbermann.

“One of the cards his people played was hardship,” the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told POLITICO. “He spent last fall talking to all the major networks, and he couldn’t get a job. The idea was, this could be the last money he ever earned.”
POLITICO has confirmed that Olbermann approached numerous cable and broadcast news channels, including ABC News, in pursuit of a job while still on contract with Current TV. Olbermann has also approached non-news networks, including ESPN and AMC, the channel that broadcasts “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad,” sources told POLITICO.
One source who spoke with POLITICO said the settlement between Olbermann and Current TV was “significantly less” than $50 million, though that could not be confirmed with other sources.

In a fight between Al Gore and Keith Olbermann it’s hard to know who to root for, but that aside, it appears Gore emerged victorious on this one.

Has Olbermann tried to get a job introducing movies on TCM yet? That’d be hilarious:


“Our next film this evening is a musical portrait of the multi-talented George M. Cohan, who, unlike Dick ‘Torquemada’ Cheney and Bush-the-War-Criminal, never tortured innocent people. From Cohan’s early days as a child-star in his family’s vaudeville show up to the time of his comeback at which he received a medal from a president — a president who by the way never slaughtered innocent women and children overseas in the name of oil — for his special contributions to the United States. Cohan produced, directed, wrote and starred in this production much the way Bush/Cheney singlehandedly orchestrated the most vile, hateful, illegal and immoral wars this nation, nay the world, has ever seen. We hope you enjoy this 1942 classic, Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

Former Sen. Larry Craig Argues He Should Be Able to Use Campaign Funds for Legal Defense Because Airport Restroom Shoe-Tappin’ Was Part of His Job


Former Sen. Larry “Tappy” Craig is back in the news. You’d think he’d just shut up, pay the freight and move on to spare himself further embarrassment from his 2007 arrest for attempted cottaging, but it’s not to be. Now Craig’s lawyers are arguing that his using campaign money for legal defense was within the law because Craig did his bathroom tap routine while on official business:

If you recall, Craig, a Republican from Idaho, was arrested during a sting at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Craig used a bathroom there during a layover, when an undercover officer said Craig sexually solicited him by tapping his foot.

Craig pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor but after his case became public he tried to renege.

The Federal Elections Commission sued him for using more than $216,000 in campaign money for that legal fight.

The Associated Press reports today a federal judge “sounded skeptical” over Craig’s defense.

Sitting on a toilet looking for a taxpayer to screw could pass as an official congressional duty, so maybe Craig’s on to something there.