What a tease:

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams ***** Think about this: You’re the most well-known people in the world. You are the President and First Lady of the United States, and every single newspaper, magazine, reporter, or movie star would LOVE to be the first people to ask your one and only cute little child a […]

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams ***** If you actually tortured yourself (as I did ) and watched the White House Correspondents Dinner on TV last Saturday night…maybe, like me, you felt sorry for Conan O’Brien. He bombed so bad that I wanted to hand him a Cherry Slurpie, some Kleenex, and give him lifetime […]

Ouch! CNN has consistently been among Obama’s top mainstream media cheerleaders, and this is how he thanks them? Word is that the suits at CNN were so upset with this slight that they briefly thought about getting out of the tank for Obama, but of course they decided against it. Obama’s wrong though — CNN […]

Great point. Now if the Washington Press Corpse ever grows some collective balls maybe somebody will say it to Obama the next time they interview him. However, if asked, Obama would probably claim there’s no longer a fence around the White House — it’s now just a trellis for Michelle’s climbing rose bushes:

I suppose it would be considered insensitive to suggest this as a solution: Don’t do things that will get you sent to prison and you’ll be able to eat whatever you want. From the Detroit Free Press: A federal lawsuit was filed today against the Michigan Department of Corrections, alleging several Muslim inmates aren’t getting […]

Was Bill Clinton not alive when Bill Clinton was President? It’s like he forgets that he’s the butt of his own jokes. Anyway, apparently a good time was had by all yesterday as all the surviving U.S. presidents gathered at the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library. During the speeches, George W. Bush […]

The “Stop the NRA” march in DC couldn’t have stopped a Girl Scout troop from selling assault cookies: More pics here. Glad to see the woefully misguided blame reassignment doesn’t seem to be catching on. There are more voices in Nancy Pelosi’s head than showed up to that rally.

This guy’s crime wouldn’t have been any less horrific if he’d have been self-sufficient, but it does add a bit of insult to the injury to find out he was sponging off the same people he hated, maimed and killed: Marathon bombings mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev was living on taxpayer-funded state welfare benefits even as he […]

This past Saturday, a whole lotta pot revelers on Hippie Hill left their garbage in San Francisco — eleven tons of it, by some estimates: After the hashfest, no doubt a good number of the participants returned to their lives of accusing everybody else of being environmental rapists. Best quote from the news video below: […]

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