Anthony Weiner’s Brother Stumbles Upon Perfect Mayoral Campaign Slogan Material

The New York Times published a wildly over-lengthy piece about Anthony Weiner, his wife, and a possible political comeback as he ponders running for NYC mayor.

Drudge did the story proper justice:


Anyway, in the Times’ story, Weiner’s brother helps come up with a good campaign slogan:

“I wouldn’t stand for other people saying this about him, but there was definitely a douchiness about him that I just don’t really see anymore.”

“Weiner 2013: Same Rotten Liberal Ideas, a Third Less Douchiness.”

By the way, there’s no way Weiner’s douchiness is gone — it’s just been repressed for a while. It’ll come back. Douchiness doesn’t go away — it’s like herpes. And douchebags on the magnitude of Anthony Weiner certainly don’t get de-douchified just because of a few shameful Tweets. The audacity to ponder a comeback after that monumental embarrassment is in and of itself a douchey thing to do, and that marks the start of Weiner’s comeback on the long road to making a full douchebag recovery. He’ll get there — I have faith in him.

Author: Doug Powers

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