Bill Clinton Jokes About George W. Bush Painting Him in the Nude

Was Bill Clinton not alive when Bill Clinton was President? It’s like he forgets that he’s the butt of his own jokes.

Anyway, apparently a good time was had by all yesterday as all the surviving U.S. presidents gathered at the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

During the speeches, George W. Bush expressed his love of country; Jimmy Carter expressed his love for Bush’s Africa policies; Barack Obama expressed his love of “immigration reform”; and, as usual, Bill Clinton expressed his love for Bill Clinton. A speech by the latter culminated in an uncomfortable joke about Bush-the-Painter doing a bathroom portrait of former President Downtrousers:

Bush hasn’t yet painted Clinton? Then who did this one?

Bubba’s entire speech is here. “Mother of All Cackles” alert at about the 2:36 mark.

Author: Doug Powers

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