I’ll Be Darned…Obama is His Brother’s Keeper

In an indirect sort of way:

One of President Obama’s half-brothers is selling two notes that he received from his famous sibling and selling them for $15,000 each.

The two notes are both written on White House letterhead and feature the same message though they are addressed to two different groups of people.

‘Thanks for your prayers and support,’ the letters read, signing off with his initials ‘B.O.’

The letters were sent by the President shortly after his Kenyan relatives flew from Africa to Washington D.C. in January 2009 to attend his inauguration.

The New York Post reports that Barack’s brother Malik Abongo Obama, who has the same father as the President, was approached by Gary Zimet, an American collector, who wanted to see if he had any letters available for auction.

Get your bid in now, Chris Matthews!

Harry Reid Fundraiser Convicted of Giving Him Illegal Campaign Donations

During the 2012 campaign season, Harry Reid’s continual insinuations that Mitt Romney was some sort of criminal was merely psychological projection.

From the AP:

A former Nevada powerbroker was convicted Wednesday of making illegal campaign contributions to U.S. Sen. Harry Reid.

A federal jury reached the verdict in the case against real estate developer and once powerful lobbyist Harvey Whittemore.

The jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts on charges of making excessive campaign contributions, making contributions in the name of another and causing a false statement to be made to the Federal Election Commission.

Whittemore faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each count.

Naturally Reid knew nothing about any of this, and he may opt to take the Obama approach:

AP: Al Qaeda Fires Operative for Not Filing His TPS Reports; Operative Starts Competing Terror Organization

With a hat tip to @NickConfessore, this Associated Press story could serve as the synopsis for the script to “Office Space II: Peter Gibbons Goes Rogue”:

After years of trying to discipline him, the leaders of al-Qaida’s North African branch sent one final letter to their most difficult employee. In page after scathing page, they described how he didn’t answer his phone when they called, failed to turn in his expense reports, ignored meetings and refused time and again to carry out orders.

Most of all, they claimed he had failed to carry out a single spectacular operation, despite the resources at his disposal.

The employee, international terrorist Moktar Belmoktar, responded the way talented employees with bruised egos have in corporations the world over: He quit and formed his own competing group. And within months, he carried out two lethal operations that killed 101 people in all: one of the largest hostage-takings in history at a BP-operated gas plant in Algeria in January, and simultaneous bombings at a military base and a French uranium mine in Niger just last week.

To top it off, according to an AQ business manager, Belmoktar stole printer cartridges and continued to write ransom demands on Al Qaeda letterhead even after being let go by the company.

Here’s just one example of the kind of thing Belmoktar was expected to put up with while working for his previous employer:


“I’m also gonna need you to go ahead and terrorize on Sunday, too… mm-kay? Thanks.”

Obama: We’ll Be There for the Folks in Monroe, Oklahoma

Not that being there for Monroe, Oklahoma will much help the people of Moore, which is where the tornado hit:

Teleprompter fail, or general disregard for one of the reddest of red states? Hard to imagine Obama making a similar mistake if he were talking about a town in Massachusetts.

I think maybe a talking point about the storm circulated among Dems had “Monroe” written on it instead of “Moore,” because Dick Blumenthal also recently referred to the town devastated by the tornado as “Monroe.”

In related news…

The House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed more Benghazi documents, and the House Judiciary Committee is investigating Eric Holder for suspected perjury. I wrote a little about both here. Stand by for historic levels of transparency stonewalling.

Memorial Day: Remembering the Fallen


β€œHe which hath no stomach to this fight let him depart. But we in it shall be remembered. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers!! For he today, that sheds his blood with me, shall always be my brother. Rest in peace brave soldier, you have not been forgotten.” β€” W. Shakespeare

Happy Memorial Day to all those who serve and have served — and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this nation, which is what this day is all about.

As a beneficiary of the fruits of the freedom that has been brought about and maintained by the incredible sacrifices of others (including members of my own family), Memorial Day is one of the most profoundly humbling days of the year. We thank them and vow to keep their memory alive by joining them in whatever ways we’re able to keep our country free so their sacrifices will never have been in vain.

Below are three of my favorite videos to post on this day, followed by one that is, frankly, rather pitiful.

Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:

Ronald Reagan at Normandy on the 40th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. June 6, 1984:

“Memorial Day”:

Finally, I post this one just as a reminder that there are those who simply don’t know and/or care and/or understand part of the reason they are free… to be this willfully ignorant:

Good Weekend Read: Does Obama Want to Become U.N. Secretary General?

James Lewis has a good piece at the American Thinker that might help explain the bizarre antics of the Obama administration. Here’s the beginning:

Washington rumor has it that Obama wants to be U.N. Secretary General.

There are several reasons that make that likely, and if it’s true, it throws new light on a lot of Obama’s oddities — including his Royalty Bows, his Apology Tours, his Muslim Sellout, and the Benghazi Cover-Up.

But first — why would Obama be planning to become the chief of the U.N. before he has even finished his second term?

Lewis answers that question here.

I will admit that Obama would be a much better U.N. Secretary General than he is president of the United States.

Not That You Needed More Evidence That David Axelrod is a Low Rent Scuzzball, But…

Here it is just in case you do:

Just about four years ago weren’t we told by Democrats like Axelrod that the nearly trillion dollars in stimulus would be the historic investment in bridges, roads and rail that this country needed?

Obama in 2009:

“Because of this investment,” he said, “nearly 400,000 men and women will go to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, repairing our faulty dams and levees, bringing critical broadband connections to businesses and homes in nearly every community in America, upgrading mass transit, building high-speed rail lines that will improve travel and commerce throughout our nation.”

Democrats using a deadly bridge collapse to wage baseless attacks on Republicans while shamelessly hawking more pork spending bills is nothing new. Nobody pimps tragedies like these clowns.

Update: The Washington bridge collapse apparently happened because a semi truck carrying an oversized load hit a support beam. Stand by for Axel-wad to claim that the driver was a tea partying Republican.

Obama: No, Really, We’re Going to Start Closing Down Gitmo Pretty Soon

In 2008, candidate Obama made numerous promises that if elected president he would immediately close the prison at Guantanamo Bay:

Today, some five years later, Obama’s going to call (again) for steps that could culminate in the shuttering of the prison. Problem is, those steps involve sending some of the suspects back to one of the world’s foremost terrorism incubators:

President Obama will announce Thursday that the White House plans to lift the ban on sending detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Yemen, Fox News confirms, a move that could effectively resume efforts to close down the prison.

That effort, however, has been stymied because many countries don’t want the detainees or are unwilling or unable to guarantee that once transferred, detainees who may continue to be a threat will not be released.

There are currently about 166 prisoners at Guantanamo, and 86 have been approved for transfer as long as security restrictions are met.

Sending terror suspects to Yemen as long as security restrictions are met is like sending Michael Moore to McDonalds to lose weight as long as everybody promises not to let him near any food.

Flashback to March of last year:

(Reuters) – The proportion of militants released from detention at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay who subsequently were believed to have returned to the battlefield rose slightly over the last year, according to official figures released on Monday.

In a summary report, the office of the Director of National Intelligence said that 27.9 percent of the 599 former detainees released from Guantanamo were either confirmed or suspected of later engaging in militant activity.

The alternate title to this post could also be “Obama proposes speeding up Yemen/Gitmo revolving door.”

Last but not least, a new strategy to combat terrorism:

Flashback: Severe tornadoes caused by global cooling

2013: Global warming is causing these severe tornadoes.

1975: Global cooling is causing these severe tornadoes:


More “settled science” from the 1970’s: “Prepare for the next ice age.”

Like I always say, no matter what happens, the “scare mongers for fun and profit” are right. There is no scenario that would disprove Al Gore’s sham. Shut up and pay up, deniers!