Ha! Obama Proposes Plan to Make Government ‘Smarter’


Yes indeed, the guy who has been president for almost five years and wasted trillions making a monstrous government even larger, more intrusive and expensive is now heading up a movement to create a leaner, smarter and more cost effective government.

All I have to add is “HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

President Barack Obama will describe on Monday his second-term plan for “smarter government” by using technology and data to deliver services faster and save taxpayers money, the White House said.

Obama will meet privately with his cabinet on Monday morning about the plan and then make public remarks at 11:50 a.m. (1550 GMT).

Is it too much to hope for that Obama will name Joe Biden to spearhead the “smart government” initiative?

Let me guess: Obama’s plan to make government smarter, leaner and cheaper will involve creating a new “Department of Smart, Lean and Cheap Government” to be budgeted at a half trillion a year.

Oh, and it’s up to “all of us” to properly implement this latest scheme — meaning he knows it won’t work and will need people to blame:

Author: Doug Powers

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