Obamacare Exchanges: Just One Example of Obama’s ‘Smarter’ Government

Yesterday, President Obama called for a “smarter,” more responsive and cost-effective federal government.

Here’s a chart I ran across showing how the Obamacare exchanges are designed. “Smarter,” more responsive and cost effective aren’t terms that come to mind:


By the way, the White House has known for months (probably much longer) that none of this will work. But then again, Obamacare is not about health care. It’s about getting goodies into the hands of the people who worked to put Obama into office for just this reason. By the time the ironically-titled Affordable Care Act fully collapses, Obama and select administration officials will be out of office getting six figures per speech, and his crony capitalist buddies will be dining on taxpayer-funded “health care” pork. Not only that, but the number of uninsured Americans will probably be roughly the same as it is right now.

Author: Doug Powers

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