The Perfect Place to Advertise Obamacare: Port-o-Crappers


I’ll give the administration this much credit: They do choose the most appropriate advertising locations:

Is there a more fitting place to advertise the virtues of Obamacare than on the side of a toilet? This is a question that Washington State has answered in the affirmative. The state, writes Sarah Kliff of The Washington Post, has contracted with a supplier of porta-potties to use the space on their odoriferous conveyances to urge Evergreen State concert-goers to sign up for the law.

“The outreach,” writes Killf, “underscores how states have become willing to try almost anything to make their pitch in the face of a poorly informed and politically divided public. With 82 days left until the insurance marketplaces open for business, public awareness remains low. Most polling data suggest that few Americans are aware of how the Affordable Care Act works — or that it even exists….

Nancy Pelosi’s time-honored advice would make the perfect the toilet seat slogan: “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Unrelated note: I haven’t been losing interest in posting to my own blog, it’s just that once again I’m unable to get to my site from my house — on any computer. Right now I’m at a local library. It’s been a sporadic problem for a couple of years and nobody has been able to figure it out. For some reason my local provider just doesn’t allow me access to my site. It’ll last a two or three days, then be okay again for a few weeks, then start all over again. But anyway, there’s always Starbucks and the library. Speaking of the latter, I’m going to get out of here before somebody starts pitching me an Obamacare policy.

Author: Doug Powers

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