Naturally: NOW’s Gallery of ‘Worst Offenders of Women’s Rights’ Excludes Serial Pervs Weiner & Filner

I guess lefty feminists don’t really think occasional wanker tweets from Weiner or unsolicited back rubs from creepy Filner are all that offensive.

From the Daily Caller:

The National Organization for Women released their “gallery of worse offenders when it comes to women’s rights” in an email to supporters Thursday.

All the offenders, according to NOW’s list, are Republicans. Noticeably absent from the gallery, however, are San Diego Democratic Mayor Bob Filner and New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

Eight women have accused Filner of sexual harassment, including inappropriate touching. Weiner recently admitted to continuing to engage in sexting even after resigning from Congress in 2011 for similar activities.

Filner has refused to resign and Weiner says he is staying in the race for mayor.

NOW’s worst women’s rights offenders gallery focuses solely on pro-life Republican men. “Let’s keep our reproductive rights in our hands, not in the hands of these men!” NOW introduces the gallery.

Ironic, in a sad way, that NOW’s “worst women’s rights offenders” list consists only of people opposed to tossing hundreds of thousand of females per year into trash cans.

Author: Doug Powers

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