Lest You Think the Cult Mentality Has Subsided

President Obama’s birthday was Sunday, and to coincide with that Organizing for Action scheduled Obamacare meetings around the country. Many lefty living rooms turned into mini Jonestowns:

“Mmm mmm mmm”:

More here. The obedience collars are still working after all these years.

Even Mao might tell these people to cool it a little.

Have you ever baked a cake for a politician and sang “happy birthday” in your house? For example, I liked Reagan a lot but never let that turn into some kind of twisted Branch Davidian-style worship session. Of course, conservatism isn’t about idolizing a central political figure — quite the opposite. But people who have been conditioned to be dependent on diaper changings feel compelled to make periodic offerings to the Huggies god.

Author: Doug Powers

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