President Obama’s birthday was Sunday, and to coincide with that Organizing for Action scheduled Obamacare meetings around the country. Many lefty living rooms turned into mini Jonestowns:

“Mmm mmm mmm”:

More here. The obedience collars are still working after all these years.

Even Mao might tell these people to cool it a little.

Have you ever baked a cake for a politician and sang “happy birthday” in your house? For example, I liked Reagan a lot but never let that turn into some kind of twisted Branch Davidian-style worship session. Of course, conservatism isn’t about idolizing a central political figure — quite the opposite. But people who have been conditioned to be dependent on diaper changings feel compelled to make periodic offerings to the Huggies god.


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  1. backwoodsconservative on August 6th, 2013 3:49 pm

    Did they get permission from Michelle to eat cake? And does permission come with a requirement that they save the biggest piece for her?

  2. SignPainterGuy on August 6th, 2013 3:54 pm

    No, she merely winked and YES, of course, the biggest piece with the best part of the decoration is understood to be hers !

  3. SignPainterGuy on August 6th, 2013 4:02 pm

    "But people who have been conditioned to be dependent on diaper changings feel compelled to make periodic offerings to the Huggies god."

    Doug, your phrasiostomofication is nothing short of inspiring ! ;-)

    Stalin gave a speech, walking around the stage holding a chicken under his arm. As he talked he plucked the feathers until the chicken was completely naked. When finished, he dropped the chicken to the floor and began dropping crumbs to the poor critter. Even though the chicken was in great pain, it followed him around eating the crumbs.

    Stalin explained that even when the people knew that you are the one who has caused their pain, they will still follow you if you are the only source of what they need.

    The sad part here is, the people don`t realize that Obama is fleecing them.

  4. rosa on August 6th, 2013 4:04 pm

    Easy stomach … easy.

  5. SignPainterGuy on August 6th, 2013 7:12 pm

    Ha haa ! Wouldn`t you just love to smear all that hard work into unrecognizable oblivion ?

  6. swede on August 6th, 2013 11:59 pm

    Which brings to mind the classic

    Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.

  7. jeffythequick on August 7th, 2013 12:09 am

    One thing Reagan did that I disagree with is this:

    Got rid of Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays as holidays and made them into Presidents Day. The memory of Washington and Lincoln is fading now, and their greatness is going towards "those guys on the $1 and $5 bills"

    Here is how I'd solve the problem:
    Give them all 3 days off. I'd also freeze government job salaries for 20 years. Government work needs to be the option of last resort, so you have the best and the brightest working in professions that further humanity, and the rest can work for the government.

  8. backwoodsconservative on August 7th, 2013 1:24 am

    Barfday cakes.

  9. » August 7, 2013 on August 7th, 2013 8:37 am

    [...] » Lest You Think the Cult Mentality Has Subsided [...]

  10. doriangrey1 on August 7th, 2013 12:52 pm
  11. Obama bin Biden on August 7th, 2013 1:19 pm

    The devil rose to power through politics.

    Obama's real mother is buried in Cervete.

    Beware of the Rottweilers

  12. SignPainterGuy on August 7th, 2013 2:15 pm

    Watch and listen, great job;

  13. ClassicFilm on August 8th, 2013 10:03 pm

    My conservative dad proudly shares his birthday, February 6, with former Pres. Ronald Reagan – and no, we never once baked a cake nor sang for The Gipper. If we had, my dad would have fallen over laughing, thinking we had gone mad.

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