Piers Morgan Calls for More Gun Laws After Teens Who Were Already Prohibited from Possessing Firearms Shoot Australian Student

Before we get to the predictable idiocy, here’s the back story:

Prosecutors on Tuesday charged two teenagers accused of gunning down an Australian student in Oklahoma for the “fun of it” with first-degree murder, and a third teen with being an accessory.

Officials say 22-year-old Christopher Lane, who was visiting the U.S. on a baseball scholarship at East Central University, was jogging along a road in Duncan, Okla., after visiting his girlfriend on Friday when he was shot in the back, allegedly by the teens.

Terri Moore from the Stephens County Courthouse says 16-year-old Chancey Allen Luna and 15-year-old James Francis Edwards Jr. were charged as adults with first-degree murder. Both are being held without bond.

Bond was set at $1 million for 17-year-old Michael Jones, who allegedly drove the vehicle carrying the other suspects. He was charged with the use of a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon and accessory to murder after the fact. Jones is considered a youthful offender but will be tried in adult court.

Naturally, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have called press conferences to denounce this, and President Obama told reporters that if he “had sons they would look just like two of the suspects.” Wait, never mind.

As for the murder, Piers Morgan calls for more gun control and blames… the NRA:

He’s either disingenuous or sub-stupid. I have a feeling it’s some combination of the two.

All of the suspects are under aged, which means that existing gun laws already prohibit them from legally possessing guns. Also, I don’t know if Musket Morgan is aware, but there is also a law on the books against murder. If these teens didn’t care about the law against cold blooded murder, what makes Morgan think they’d give a damn about additional laws against gun possession?

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Author: Doug Powers

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