Question for Nancy Pelosi, Wendy Davis, et al

Question for Nancy Pelosi and Wendy Davis, just because I’m curious: If the mother of that “viable tissue mass” in the picture below could somehow yank that thing out and kill it, would you fight for its right to do so?

I’ll bet if that baby elephant was hacked up and sucked out of there piece by piece Pelosi and Davis (insert any other name here who believes Margaret Sanger was the second coming of Christ) would cry for days and then go on TV pleading “WHO SPEAKS FOR DUMBO?” Melissa Harris-Perry would probably get so upset she’d have to use her tampon earrings to soak up all the tears.

Anyway, this post was mostly an excuse to announce that I’m taking a brief weekend vacation (anybody who asks “vacation from what?” will be banned… as soon as I figure out how to ban people). I’ll have the laptop in tow in case President Rambo McPeaceprize lights up Syria or something, but for the most part the family is going to Ohio to relax and hit up Cedar Point.

Check my Twitter feed over there to the left for any vacay updates, and I’ll see you all when I get back!

Author: Doug Powers

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