Has the Miranda warning been updated to include “the right to a taxpayer-funded sex change operation“? Bradley Manning, the Army private sentenced to military prison for leaking classified documents, revealed he intends to live out the remainder of his life as a woman. “I am Chelsea Manning. I am female,” the Army private wrote in […]

What do you see? Hey @Oprah, don't you have any friends that care enough to tell you what that dress looks like? pic.twitter.com/iXxUzAcgwH #PenisWearingRacist — William Keane (@largebill68) August 22, 2013 A not-so-subtle endorsement for Anthony Weiner, or does The Oprah just not own a full length mirror? Somewhere there’s a store clerk who should […]

Before we get to the predictable idiocy, here’s the back story: Prosecutors on Tuesday charged two teenagers accused of gunning down an Australian student in Oklahoma for the “fun of it” with first-degree murder, and a third teen with being an accessory. Officials say 22-year-old Christopher Lane, who was visiting the U.S. on a baseball […]

Just two years to go until the long-awaited massive national joke-fest! I’ve been looking forward to it for 20 years, and it’s only 24 short months away. The White House tweeted Clinton a birthday greeting that naturally features front and center a picture of… Obama: Happy birthday, President @BillClinton! pic.twitter.com/jGOZAIfd9W — The White House (@whitehouse) […]

While it’s true that Obamacare is a bloated, impossible to understand train wreck of a law, this infographic from Publius Forum really helps simplify how it works: That pretty much says it all. Changing the subject a little, it’s President Obama’s final day on Martha’s Vineyard, and you’ll never guess what he did: Though actor […]

You’ve probably heard about the “racial incident” Oprah Winfrey had to endure in Switzerland (key words in bold): The owner of the upscale Swiss boutique where Oprah Winfrey claimed she was barred from buying a $38,000 by a ‘racist’ sales assistant today demanded to speak to the star she branded ‘over-sensitive’ and insisted her employee […]

What difference a change in administrations makes: Where is the outrage today pic.twitter.com/FbafgKMqkH — Flyboy (@flyboy_1776) August 15, 2013 Hmm, where are those morons on this issue today? P.S. Apologies for the slow posting here these days. It’s only because I’m having the problem of not being able to connect to my site from home […]

Where we stand today: –There are currently 149 dead and hundreds more injured in a “chaotic bloodbath” in Egypt. –An attorney for a Benghazi whistleblower said that the real Benghazi scandal is that 400 surface-to-air missiles were stolen by some “very ugly people.” –NBC News reported a story that might be shocking to people who […]

In late July, the Associated Press ran a photo which purportedly showed tremendous melting at the North Pole. Naturally, the global warming alarmists, including Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Project,” ran with it: The supposed before and after at the North Pole: Now that the story has made its way around the world, the AP has […]

A question asked Obama at yesterday’s press conference revolved around Russia granting asylum to Edward Snowden and the cancellation of a summit meeting as a result of that and other rifts, and during Obama’s answer he veered into this: President Obama today made clear that he rejects growing calls for the U.S. to boycott the […]

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