So a Few Cruise Missiles Will Rid Syria of Chemical Weapons?

Not according to the Congressional Research Service:

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) said in a report released on August 20 that the Pentagon has estimated it would take “over 75,000 troops” to secure Syria’s chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, the draft text of the resolution authorizing President Barack Obama to use force in Syria that is being taken up by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today prohibits the president from putting ground troops in Syria “for the purpose of combat operations”–but appears to leave open the possiblity that the president could put troops in Syria to secure chemical weapons.

Not only that, but nobody is confident that we’d even be fighting for the right side — or if either side is worth fighting for — or who exactly it was that used the chemical weapons. Other than that, let’s get this war started!

Actually, I’ll be surprised if Obama launches an attack unilaterally. I’d say there’s a 75% chance that President Rambo McPeaceprize is just trying to look like a rogue badass. The problem is, even that kind of talk can be dangerous in a powder keg situation, which is the perpetual state of the Middle East. The bottom line is that I don’t think anybody in the administration knows what they’re doing and they are like Robert Reich in the shallow end of the pool: Still in way over their heads.

The number of former peaceniks who are gung-ho on this is amazing. Et tu, Howard Dean?

Author: Doug Powers

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