Planned Parenthood: The Business of Abortion

Have you ever noticed that the left often believes that corporations exist for profits and profits only, consumer be damned, but that the corporation that is Planned Parenthood is somehow an exception to that?

When it comes to profit motivation, Planned Parenthood makes Bain Capitol and Halliburton look like nunneries:

Planned Parenthood’s condoms were the worst quality? Figures. Why would you buy a condom from an abortion provider? To get a grip on PP’s thinking on this we need only paraphrase from the Joe Dirt School of Business: “And when the condom breaks and she gets pregnant, she comes back to you for the abortion — you win twice, brother, IT’S GOOD BIZ!”

And yet PP pretends they’re not motivated by profits, don’t make money providing abortions and don’t target minority communities. How fast would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton organize protests if a Tea Partier opened a clinic in a black neighborhood and put out a sign that said “get rid of your unwanted baby here”? And yet somehow PP gets away with it. Why is that?

(h/t Kristina Hernandez)

Related: A Senate panel just OK’d leftist wacko law prof Cornelia Pillard, who is Obama’s pick to serve on an appeals court. Pillard makes Ruth Bader Ginsburg look like Antonin Scalia, having once said abortion is a necessity in order to “free women from historically routine conscription into maternity.”

Somewhat related: Don’t read this unless you have a hankie on hand.

Somebody at Politico Really Strapped on the Hope & Change Signature Edition Kneepads for This One


For some inexplicable reason, after this article was published, the Politico break room had to be re-stocked with Kleenex and Jergens:

No one will ever mistake Obama for warm and fuzzy. But when he tries even a bit, he can’t help being winning. His smile remains dazzling, even if he flashes it less often.

I liked this one too:

He has a healthy ego, but his longstanding ability to coolly assess his circumstances and then adapt to them means that he is still better positioned than most of his peers to work his way out of problems.

And if that doesn’t work, he gets Putin to bail him out.

Substitute the Word ‘Obama’ with ‘Tea Party’ and See How it Would Be Reported

Nothing about the Washington Navy Yard shootings fits the “narrative” the Left, including their accomplices in the mainstream press, have been working for years to spread, and here’s another angle that will remain buried.

Imagine though if, instead of “Barack Obama,” this said “Tea Party”:

Tuesday, on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” Michael Ritrovato spoke at length about his friend, suspected Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis. After expressing his condolences to the victims and their families, Ritrovato then expressed his shock over the actions of a man he described as being “like a brother to me” and a “good-natured guy.”

Ritrovato went on to explain that two of them had a close relationship based in part on their differences, specifically race and politics. Alexis was black, Ritrovato is white. Ritrovato described himself as conservative and Alexis is “more of a liberal type” who supported Barack Obama:

I would say things like, ‘You know, you are my brother from another mother.’ And he would say things like, ‘You’re my Italian mafia guy from New York.’ So we had things we joked about: Aaron wasn’t conservative like I am. He was more of a liberal type; he wasn’t happy with the former [Bush] administration. He was more happy with this [the Obama] administration — as far as presidential administrations.

This entire story runs counter to what the Left has been trying to convey: They freaked about AR-15s but Alexis didn’t use one (except a cop, who used one to bring Alexis down). There are reports Aaron Alexis tried to buy an AR-15 but existing law prevented him from doing so. He took Joe Biden’s advice and bought a shotgun. He wasn’t a conservative. He wasn’t white. He wasn’t an NRA member.

The lefties, including Dianne Feinstein and the lib gun grabbers in Congress who claim to care so deeply about “saving just one life,” are going to so obviously ignore these facts that you’d think they were tax cut proposals.

Video Evidence: Obama Admits He’s Gone Too Far Left

Too bad the golf course is the only time we’ll ever hear him admitting he’s gone too far left:

The most powerful man in the free world can feel just as helpless as anyone else — on a golf course.

In footage obtained by TMZ, of Barack Obama playing a round of golf at the Vineyard Golf Club on Martha’s Vineyard on Aug. 17, the President of the United States slices a shot and scolds himself, saying, “Come on Barack. Not that far left.”

Why am I not surprised he’s one of those “refers to himself in the third person” guys?

Obamacare: Turning Doctors Into Government Snoops Since 2009

Drudge has the appropriately scary headline/photo for this story:


The story itself is even scarier than Drudge’s headline. Obamacare is turning doctors into government snoops.

Meanwhile, in California (and soon the entire country), so much for “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” Heck, you might not even be able to see a doctor. But at least it’ll be “affordable,” or something.

The wheels are coming off and the thing isn’t even implemented yet.


MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Wants to Know Why You Don’t Love Obama

This dude is seriously delusional:

There were 8.5 million fewer Americans in the labor force at the end of Obama’s first term as there at the beginning, the median income has dropped almost $5,000 per family since Obama took office and poverty is the highest it has been in the over 50 years the Census has been keeping track of it, and we won’t even bother to return the love? Yeah, Ed, we sure are ingrates.

(h/t IOwnTheWorld)

Campaign Promise of the Decade: I Will Not Go to Strip Clubs Any More!

Democrat Jeff Wagner is running for mayor of Minneapolis.

It’s a funny political spot, but when you have an unattractive male and an attractive female in an ad and the unattractive male is the one wearing the swimsuit, it’s a marketing fail:

Don’t laugh off his chances. He’s talking to some of the same people who voted for Al Franken.

So They Kind of Over-Stated That ‘Million Muslim March’ Thing, Eh?

The “Million (minus 999,975) Muslim March” didn’t quite live up to the billing:


Cue the appropriate sound effect:

Of those couple dozen who did show up, some were 9/11 Truther types.

I’m expecting CAIR and the New York Times to estimate the crowd at 750,000.

Remembering 9/11


Today marks the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, when thousands lost their lives, and it is also the first anniversary of the Benghazi attack, where four Americans lost their lives.

On 9/11/01, I was working at a TV station — a CBS affiliate — and like all of you, remember the rest of that day vividly. This was how it started:

When the first reports came in that a “small plane” hit the tower, I remember my boss at the time, who had been to the WTC many times (our corporate HQ was about a mile away), said “that was NO ‘small plane.'” No, it wasn’t.

One of our employees at corporate HQ in New York had a brother who worked in one of the towers, and though it wasn’t known at the time, he had called in and left a message that he wouldn’t be in the office until the afternoon because he wasn’t feeling well. Our employee didn’t know that at the time, so naturally it was a very tense few hours until he heard from his brother and found out he wasn’t in the tower when it went down.

There was one American in orbit that day. This is what it looked like:

Here’s another amazing picture:

Today also marks the one year anniversary of Benghazi, and Secretary of State John Kerry is eager to expose the truth as to what happened that day keep survivors from being interviewed by Congress.

9/11/01 and 9/11/12 — Never Forget!

Update: This is what happens when an editor doesn’t pay close enough attention when matching up thumbnail pictures to the correct headlines.