Place Your Guess: What’s in Joe Biden’s ‘Top Secret’ Folder?

Pluggernuts was just dying to let the world know he gets classified goodies and you don’t:

As Vice President Joe Biden stood absent-mindedly at a White House press event Monday, there, front and center, was a folder for everyone to see.

It was marked “Codeword,” “Classified Document” and “Vice President.”

Biden had joined President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister in the Oval Office for an hour-plus talk about Iran, Syria and other weighty topics, the White House said.


Those are only mid-level classifieds, because Biden’s top secret documents are in folders marked “Big F-in Deal All Up in Here.”

Judging from the look on Joe’s face, the “secret” in that folder must have been something like “Recovery Summer actually made things worse,” or “Sorry, but that biker chick just wasn’t that into you.”

Author: Doug Powers

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