Heh: Dem Calls Obama’s Own Words ‘Bullsh*t Narrative’ to Counter Argument Against Obamacare

This is too funny, and a good example of the desperation and denial on the left.

A guy asked lefty Raw Story blogger Amanda Marcotte, who is also a contributor to Slate, if Obama was lying when he made claims of being able to keep your insurance and doctor even after the implementation of Obamacare, and he let Obama do the talking:


Marcotte called that “bullshit narrative”:

I don’t disagree that it’s bullshit narrative (on Obama’s part), but it’s hilarious that the left now has to spin direct quotes from their Dear Leader as Republican propaganda and lies.

In one of Marcotte’s tweets she said people are losing their current plans because they’re not “up to code.” And why is that? Because Obamacare raised the code, rendering them “illegal” policies. So when Obama said “if you like your plan you can keep it” he lied no matter how pitifully and desperately it’s spun.

Author: Doug Powers

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