PolitiFact flashback laugher: ‘If you like your plan, you can keep your plan’ rated ‘half true’

Reminder: In 2012, PolitiFact rated “if you like your plan you can keep it” as “half true.” I guess for the half who will keep their insurance, it’s true, and for the half who are losing their existing coverage (reportedly 1.5 million so far) it’s false. I doubt a Republican’s claim would have earned similar deference.

Read what I wrote here for more background on no matter how the Dems try to slice it, they knew millions would lose their existing insurance. Hopefully PolitiFact can find time to do a fact check of their 2012 fact check.

It’s hilarious how Dem flacks are saying “there’s nothing written in the law that says people won’t be able to keep their existing coverage.” Sure, and there’s nothing written on bottles of J√§germeister that says you might wake up in a strange bed with an ugly person and a headache either. And yet, it happens.

Note: I updated the post to make it clear that the PolitiFact ruling was made in 2012.

Author: Doug Powers

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