This is too funny, and a good example of the desperation and denial on the left. A guy asked lefty Raw Story blogger Amanda Marcotte, who is also a contributor to Slate, if Obama was lying when he made claims of being able to keep your insurance and doctor even after the implementation of Obamacare, […]

I have no problem with the day off to go to the funeral (any day Congress is gone is a win for America), but the extent of taxpayer involvement should be giving them directions to the nearest airport at most. From the Washington Times: Congress will shut down on Thursday, and leaders have told lawmakers […]

Most of their regular viewers were probably nodding their heads in agreement: They’re just practicing, because after the inevitable train wreck, they will blame “GOP obstructionism” or something like that for the failure.

Jay Carney might refuse to call on Fox News’ Ed Henry, but this past week he wasn’t afraid to field a couple of ridiculous questions from this tool: Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Tuesday about the status of negotiations between Congressional Republicans, Senate Democrats and the White House on […]

Yesterday, President Obama said this: “Now that the government has reopened and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent […]

President Obama welcomed back furloughed government workers, and his address on the important role of federal government included this: It provides security to our diplomats abroad. Yeah, he really went there. But what difference does it make?

Bush has been out of office for five years, but he’s still able to do a number on the country, according to morons: “Obama tryin’ to make up for what Bush haven’t done, and Obama gettin’ blamed for it.” Wasn’t that an Obama campaign slogan last year?

Hahahaha! We won't stop fighting until we make Congress #EndTheLunacy — Rep. Alan Grayson (@AlanGrayson) October 14, 2013 Here it is, truthified: @snarkandboobs @EWErickson Fixed: — Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) October 14, 2013 “Jackass” will also suffice.

The liberals’ favorite “Republican,” Kathleen Parker: In trying to understand the Republican Party’s internal battles, it helps to think of Michael and Sonny. Corleone, that is. … That would be Ted Cruz, the Texas senator who grabbed headlines by speaking for 21 hours against Obamacare. Cruz is neither Michael nor Sonny but the star of […]

In case you missed the “Million Vet March” in D.C. today, here are some pictures of participants yet again tearing down the “Barry-cades” around the memorials. How much more is the Obama administration spending to attempt to block off the public memorials than it usually costs to keep them open? They must have a “spite” […]

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