Obama: I’m sorry that insurance companies failed to live up to my ‘you can keep your plan if you like it’ promise

Pitiful, weak, and insulting to say the least:

What a load of Pelosi. If you try and follow Obama’s “logic” here’s what he’s saying: I regret that I was unaware anybody would be dumb enough to not want a higher quality policy at a more affordable price and get angry when they were given that chance.

And that isn’t the case. People getting dumped from their existing policies are facing higher premiums for what will probably end up being crappier coverage.

What a joke.

Even if Obama’s non-apology apology was delivered this way, I still wouldn’t accept it (though I would have enjoyed it more):

The media are just as culpable as Obama and the congressional Democrats as well, which is why it’s pathetic to now see them reporting Obamacare horror stories as if they’re surprised. They helped him pull this off!

Author: Doug Powers

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