Tales from the train wreck: Another cancer victim loses insurance due to Obamacare

Sad and also infuriating.

The company that had to do away with her policy is offering her another one that complies with the parameters of the Obamacare law, but it’ll be more expensive and nobody yet knows if it’ll cover the same treatments she’d been receiving under her old plan.

Thanks Obamacare!

Keep in mind that the policy she’s crying about losing that she seemed happy with is one the Dems refer to as a “junk policy.”

Imagine the ads the Dems would have created last year if the woman had worked for Bain Capital.

Update: Naturally now Obama’s trying to kick the cancellation can to after the 2014 elections. Too late for most, but the whole point of this is to give the Dems another excuse to blame insurance companies instead of the shitty law that caused all the problems in the first place.

Author: Doug Powers

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