The media can be sickeningly disingenuous in its reporting about the JFK assassination and the elements behind it. With that in mind, here’s a good take from David Bernstein via Instapundit:

This is really amazing to me. The New York Times and the Washington Post each manages to publish a piece on the Kennedy assassination, by two different authors, focusing on what they see as the right-wing extremist environment in Dallas in 1963, and while never saying so directly, implicitly blaming Kennedy’s assassination on that environment.

Look, guys. Lee Harvey Oswald murdered JFK. Oswald was a Communist. Not a small c, “all we are saying is give peace a chance and let’s support Negro civil rights” kind of Communist, but someone so committed to the cause (and so blind to the nature of the USSR) that he actually went to live in the Soviet Union. And when that didn’t work out, Oswald became a great admirer of Castro. He apparently would have gone to live in Cuba before the assassination if the Cubans would have had him. Before assassinating Kennedy, Oswald tried to kill a retired right-wing general. As near as we can tell, he targeted Kennedy in revenge for Kennedy’s anti-Castro actions.

The attempt to at best distract us from who the killer was and why he killed JFK, and at worst to pin the blame on entirely innocent people for inciting Dallas opinion against JFK (or perhaps to imply that the right-wingers plotted the assassination), even though those innocents were exactly the type of people Oswald hated, is just pathetic, and the Times and Post should be embarrassed for publishing these pieces.

Surprising some people aren’t blaming Bush for the JFK assassination.

Wait, some are. Never mind.

Update: Check out this BS article in the Washington Post by a wacko journalism professor. I think he’s blaming the Kennedy assassination on the Tea Party or something. Nut job.


3 Responses to “On 50th anniversary of JFK assassination, the media are still trying to pin blame on ‘right wing extremist environment’ of the day”

  1. Care on November 22nd, 2013 4:19 pm

    And the low information voter laps it up like mama's milk. Pathetic.

  2. ChapBix on November 22nd, 2013 10:32 pm

    Care, you are entirely correct. The left's attempts to vilify the Tea Party and conservatives is beyond the pale. They are the true threat to the common man and woman in this country. Yesterday's action by Senate Democrats signals a sharp turn toward totalitarian rule in this country. Obama wants hard left radicals in the federal courts and heading federal agencies. With the restraint of filibusters removed, he no longer has any obstacles remaining toward that end. He has been purging the military of top officers who might depose him. All that remains to be done now is declare a state of emergency and impose martial law. There will be no federal force left to remove him peacefully.

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