Bill Clinton: Because of Mandela, I was able to forgive Republicans who held me accountable for lying my ass off under oath

I never cease to be amazed at the lengths this man will go in order to portray himself as the victim:

The former president granted the meeting out of lessons of humility and forgiveness he learned from Mandela, he said:

BILL CLINTON: I remember one day, oh, about a month after the whole impeachment business was over, Henry Hyde, who had run the whole show, unbelievably enough, maybe a few months after, it was shortly after, asked for a meeting at the White House, for something that he was interested in. He brought a delegation in. My staff said I can’tve you’re going to do this. I said, it’s my job, he’s a senior member of Congress. They came and left. As far as they knew, I did not even remember what had happened. I was able to do that, because of what Nelson Mandela did for me, the way he helped me.

Bubba does remember his role in all that, doesn’t he? Probably not.