AP story about Cuba economy hilariously deflects blame for the failings of communism

Matt Cover over at Rare spotted this first, and it’s an Associated Press gem.

Why does communism fail time and time again? Look at the AP’s spin:

HAHAHAHA! “Lack of customers.”

“Lack of customers” is also the reason shop owners in North Korea don’t have condos in Boca and will be sent to a labor camp for 30 years if they complain about their country’s “lack of customers” form of government.

From the AP story (if you’re drinking a beverage, put it down before proceeding):

While the sample size is small, the numbers point to a basic problem that economists who follow Cuba have noted from the start: There simply isn’t enough money to support a thriving private sector on an island where salaries average $20 a month.

“Clearly, there is a macroeconomic environment that does not favor the private sector or the expansion of demand that the private sector requires,” said Pavel Vidal, a former Cuban Central Bank economist.

The gist of the story is that the Cuban government has been dabbling in — get this — government-run free-market capitalism (hmm, why does that sound so familiar?), but I don’t even know where to start when trying to dissect “isn’t enough money to support a thriving private sector.” And the “macroeconomic environment” the Cuban economist speaks of is called “communism,” though the AP didn’t see fit to point that out.

By the way, if the above sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the same crap we hear when our own U.S. government is trying to spin all their “green job” failings. “The company we started had a great product, but the customers just weren’t there.” And media outlets report it dutifully.

Author: Doug Powers

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