Wendy Davis says Greg Abbott doesn’t know about struggles? Updated

Texas gubernatorial candidate and late-term abortion proponent Wendy Davis is blaming her GOP opponent Greg Abbott for an article that was in fact written by a left-leaning Dallas Morning News reporter.

To top off the crazy, Davis says Abbott doesn’t know about struggle like she does:

From Wikipedia:

Abbott became a paraplegic when an oak tree fell on him while he was running following a storm in 1984. He had two steel rods implanted in his spine, underwent extensive rehabilitation at TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston, and has used a wheelchair ever since.

Shark = Jumped:

The Left lecturing Greg Abbott about struggling is pitiful, but that’s coming from the side of the aisle that defines “struggle” as being forced to drive more than 30 miles to get to an abortion clinic. Horror!


Um, has Davis’ campaign management failed to share with her a vital piece of information about her opponent’s personal life? Oh my.

Author: Doug Powers

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