This past week, President Obama doubled down on his call for a “Year of Action,” and Bill Clinton is of course more than happy to help:


Slick Willie probably had no clue … but the women Bill posed with at an L.A. charity event Thursday night are two star hookers at the famed Nevada Bunny Ranch brothel.

The brunette goes by Ava Adora and the blonde goes by Barbie Girl. According to her bio on the BR website, the blonde is very flexible and specializes in de-virginizing. The brunette “knows how to please a variety of both men and women.”

Bubba “probably had no clue” who they were? Ha! Uh huh. Just like he had no clue who these women were in 2012?

There goes the “Father of the Year.”


8 Responses to “Obama calls for ‘Year of Action’: Bill Clinton runs with it”

  1. Marshall_Will on March 2nd, 2014 2:32 am

    "charity event" ( is that what they're calling this these days? ) Gives whole new meaning to Unite4Humanity huh..?

    There has to be a reason SW is so brazenly sporting random scandal-ready pic's. To be perfectly honest, given the girl's ages ( and not demean their flexibility/specialties ) but I highly *doubt* they even know whom that old geezer they took a shot with IS?

    So I doubt they'd be 'flocking' toward him, Alec Baldwin or even George Clooney for that matter. They might know who Justin Timberlake is, Beiber etc., but I'm having extreme difficulty imagining they'd recognize and jump at the chance for autograph/publicity seeking w/ an Ew.., walking corpse.

    There's more to these prearranged spectacles.

  2. friv 2 on March 8th, 2014 6:05 am

    Maybe wait for getting lost, life is due to star in his own. Friv 2

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