Fox Detroit reporter pins down weasel Henry Waxman on GM blame game

California lib Rep. Henry Waxman was the head of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform when a $50 billion bailout was approved for General Motors, at which point the government’s majority stake in the company had everybody referring to it as “Government Motors.”

In other words, the federal government, including Waxman, were at least partly responsible for the company. This week, Waxman has been grilling the CEO of GM over vehicle recalls and other problems.

The rather eccentric Fox News Detroit reporter Charlie LeDuff caught up with Waxman and asked why he doesn’t shoulder any of the blame. Waxman played a game of “dodge those questions” and wanted to just turn nostrils and run like the wind:

Can that reporter be cloned to make hundreds of him to serve as the entire Washington Press Corps? It would be some serious kind of fun.

Author: Doug Powers

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