Oh great: Ted Kennedy Jr. trying to get into politics

Just as I was starting to enjoy a diminishing number of Kennedys in political office (though of course the Kennedys don’t like that at all), Ted Jr. comes along to try and ruin things:

Ted Kennedy Jr. is planning to run for the state Senate in Connecticut.

Two people briefed on the decision say the son of the late U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts will announce Tuesday that he intends to seek the Democratic nomination for the state’s 12th District. They spoke on condition of anonymity because Kennedy wants to make the announcement.

Kennedy is a 52-year-old health care lawyer who lives in Branford, a coastal town outside New Haven, and has been mentioned as a possible political candidate for years. He had said last month he was considering running for the seat.

Suggested campaign slogan for Jr.: “In spite of my lineage, I’ll get you all the way across!”

Does anybody really think a Kennedy believes “state Senate” to be worthy of the name? The Washington Post notes:

Ultimately, he has apparently chosen a rather low-profile entree into elective politics — at least, by his family’s standards.

Kennedy Jr. has zero elective office experience, so he probably figured he should spend a few months wearing a paper trainee hat in state office before running for U.S. Congress. After all, pop had “U.S. Senator” engraved on his silver spoon 20 years ago, so it has to happen.

In 2009, Ted Jr., after being asked if he’d decided to run for Congress, said “I haven’t crossed that bridge yet.” No, seriously.

Author: Doug Powers

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