Tax Day has arrived and it’s snowing outside, which can’t be a coincidence. I have no idea what that means, but it seems appropriate. Did everybody get their taxes filed on time? Just think, right now, all the rich libs who spend the rest of the year saying wealthy people should pay more in taxes […]

If you were shown this picture in 1992 and asked “over 20 years from now, which one of these couples will still be married,” what would your answer have been? — mitrebox (@mitrebox) April 13, 2014 I probably would have gone with “the Clintons.” Tipper had no political aspirations (other than slapping warning labels […]

Instead of just backing off and letting things cool off a little, the feds continue to pour gas on the situation in Nevada. The fact that they’ve now declared the area a no-fly zone (and as such off limits to media helicopters and such) doesn’t exactly mean they’re planning to stand down. Probably quite the […]

This should help keep you laughing all weekend: Come on, President Obama — how hard does Ezra Klein have to beg before you tell Carney to hit the road and give the Press Sec gig to another proven and devoted media lapdog?

In general, government officials often emerged unscathed for things that average Americans would go to jail for, but Eric Holder is a towering example among examples. At a hearing yesterday, Texas GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold spoke a simple truth: “I’m committed to maintaining the constitutional balance of power and the authority this branch, this legislative […]

Just as I was starting to enjoy a diminishing number of Kennedys in political office (though of course the Kennedys don’t like that at all), Ted Jr. comes along to try and ruin things: Ted Kennedy Jr. is planning to run for the state Senate in Connecticut. Two people briefed on the decision say the […]

Democrat Rep. Jim Moran recently said that members of Congress can’t afford to live “decently” on their $174,000 a year salaries and deserve a raise. Fine then, go find a different job in the private sector that will pay more money to useless tools who don’t know how to do anything except pile on debt […]

Creating a more effective diplomatic corps through platitudes: Diversity in int'l affairs is important. US foreign policy needs more people who look like America & world if we're going to relate, compete — Susan Rice (@AmbassadorRice) April 5, 2014 No mention of a necessity for competence, honesty or integrity, and for good reason.

A woman named Bonnie Youn has been indicted on three criminal charge counts in a U.S. District Court in Georgia: The first indictment count alleges Youn committed perjury with regard to an alien illegally in the United States. The second indictment count alleges that Youn violated a federal immigration law that prohibits bringing illegal aliens […]

The man who went on a murderous rampage at Fort Hood was on the loose for 15 to 20 minutes before a military policewoman confronted him. Fifteen to 20 minutes running around shooting people without being stopped. On a U.S. military base — full of disarmed soldiers. Can you imagine what kind of carnage would […]

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