We must be getting somewhere, because Nancy Pelosi is irritated by questions about ‘Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi’

To Pelosi’s credit, at least she didn’t say “dude, that was two years ago”:

This of course means that everybody should keep talking about Benghazi.

The subject of Benghazi is “diversion” and “subterfuge” so the GOP doesn’t have to talk about what exactly? The Obamacare the majority of people hate and economy that continues to sputter? You can really sense a Dem circling of wagons on this, mostly to save Hillary’s 2016 hopes.

By the way, State Department emails immediately after Benghazi immediately attributed the attack to an Islamic terrorist group. Three days later Hillary was consoling families of those killed by assuring them that she’d get the people who… made that YouTube video. Four days later Susan Rice was still blaming the video. Nothing was going to ruin the Obama campaign’s “Al Qaeda is on the run” line heading into an election.

Passing thought: It’s amazing what Susan Attkisson can report now that she no longer works for the brother of Obama’s deputy national security adviser.

Author: Doug Powers

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