Yesterday the Dems were pitching this BS:

God that’s embarrassing.

Anyway, today, right on cue:

Now that’s more like it:


Surprisingly, Obama didn’t golf Sunday but rather went to Afghanistan. Looks like he also took Susan Rice with him just in case something happened that they needed to blame on “the video”:


14 Responses to “Obama hits the links again, ‘like a boss’; Update: Sunday in Afghanistan”

  1. backwoodsconservative on May 24th, 2014 8:02 pm

    Obama: "Fore!"

    Biden: "I can't count that high."

  2. ChapBix on May 25th, 2014 11:32 am

    A Chicago Way political boss.

  3. Truesoldier__ on May 25th, 2014 12:23 pm

    Obama: "Fore!"

    Biden: "No, I told you jobs was a three letter word."

  4. Truesoldier__ on May 25th, 2014 12:24 pm

    Like a Boss…. just without the leadership, the business smarts and the experience.

  5. Marshall_Will on May 25th, 2014 5:50 pm

    I thought He was like everyone's "daddy"?

    More cult of personality/mass indoctrination. This way when he refuses to leave the WH the Dims will have already conditioned and rallied the LIV to accept whatever it is he wants to do next.

  6. Marshall_Will on May 25th, 2014 5:51 pm

    A grand time w/ the kids/grands for a very patriotic gathering out by Sisters, OR. Wouldn't miss it! Hope all marked the occasion.

  7. backwoodsconservative on May 26th, 2014 11:32 am

    He's more like a hoss's rear end.

  8. Marshall_Will on May 26th, 2014 2:36 pm

    Happy Memorial Day all!

    Interesting aside, on the way to Sisters, OR we couldn't help but notice the bank of Tesla charging stations at Detroit Lake.., sitting entirely EMPTY. Here's a little perk for Portland's urban hipsters driving on their way to fave recreation spots.

    Hope you like it, you're PAYING for it! I'm sure a few celeb endorsements via public service announcements will turn the whole thing mainstream in nothing flat…

  9. backwoodsconservative on May 26th, 2014 2:51 pm

    Is there any place around there where I can gas up on unicorn farts?

  10. Marshall_Will on May 26th, 2014 4:50 pm

    With enough taxpayer $'s, activist string pushing, gov. reg's and celeb power, ALL things are possible..!

    It will be a fun photo essay project to document the inevitable decay of those charging stations. I give it another year/two before the plug is pulled and their surviving function is to bewilder grandparents left to explain to the kids how we became stuck w/ those useless relics.

    Good times…

  11. Marshall_Will on May 26th, 2014 6:34 pm

    John Ransom at Townhall had some revealing coverage on a similar scam being perpetrated by CitiBank. They're calling it "Citibike" and it's your typical progressive agenda BS.

    The "program" allows Manhattanites access to ( you guessed it ) community property bikes [at] exorbitant prices in another private/public partnership living nightmare. Because, you know, private ownership sucks!

    It's like they've even kicked the most radical of "urban planners" to the curb and are now just GOING with it! Betcha' can't wait until that -4 deg. Feb. morn to peddle crosstown huh? Yeah, this'll work…

  12. Truesoldier__ on May 26th, 2014 7:26 pm

    Speaking of biking BS. The former mayor of Seattle (Mike McGinn) used to make sure he was seen biking to work every day. Only problem was that someone got video of his security detail unloading his bike a block from the Mayor's office.

  13. Truesoldier__ on May 26th, 2014 7:29 pm

    Seen them in Pueblo as well. Never anyone charging a car, they just sit there empty. Pisses me off that we are stuck paying for them. I told a co-worker that and they told me, but it's good for the environment. To which I asked them just where do you think the electricity comes from. They gave me a blank look, so I told them a coal fired electric plant. They were shocked.

  14. Doug on May 27th, 2014 1:36 am

    Happy Memorial Day! Didn't get time for a post but there were family issues to attend to this year.

    As always, a big salute to those of you who serve or have served, and eternal respect to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation we are struggling to protect from enemies both external and internal.

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