Last week, Nancy Pelosi showed signs she’s weary of talk about “Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi.” On The Five yesterday, Bob Beckel picked up where Pelosi left off when he parroted Hillary Clinton about Benghazi in responding to GOP investigations: “What difference does it make?” Response: “Because they covered it up, Bob.” Beckel: “So what?” This is […]

To Pelosi’s credit, at least she didn’t say “dude, that was two years ago”: This of course means that everybody should keep talking about Benghazi. The subject of Benghazi is “diversion” and “subterfuge” so the GOP doesn’t have to talk about what exactly? The Obamacare the majority of people hate and economy that continues to […]

Get Sen. Barbara Boxer out of her only area of expertise, which is promoting the killing of the unborn, and she’s even more of an embarrassment than usual: As for her whining about a “living wage for all,” you can apply for an unpaid internship to work in Boxer’s office here. Nope, you won’t even […]

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