The latest from that Petri dish of left-wing ideas called Detroit: U.S. Rep. John Conyers wants President Barack Obama to sanction use of an earlier multimillion-dollar award to Michigan to help pay delinquent water bills of low-income residents threatened by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department’s most aggressive shutoff campaign ever. “Assisting low-income residents with […]

This is such a good approach that there’s probably no way that the RNC will run with it: Toss in some brief interviews from people whose lives have been left in ruins by the IRS for relatively trivial matters and then cut back to Dems apologizing to the agency and any Republican would have a […]

Watch out, President Obama, because Jay Carney’s replacement, Josh Earnest, can also make ‘em faint: Full size video here. When you’re exposed to too much BS, this is what happens:

Bill Clinton’s entire political career in a single nutshell: Former President Bill Clinton, in a video message to be broadcast this week, says he was “honored and grateful to be among the voices urging” the overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act, the measure he signed into law in 1996 that barred federal recognition of […]

In Iraq, Islamist militants are butchering people in droves with the intent of taking over the country and installing Sharia law. John Kerry blames a lack of government inclusiveness. Progressivism in a nutshell: US secretary of state John Kerry landed in Baghdad on Monday to press Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to form a more inclusive […]

Many Lois Lerner emails from 2009 to 2011 are “lost” according to the IRS. They say Lerner’s hard drive was “recycled” and the emails are unrecoverable. Maybe the House GOP should check with these guys — check out this from October of 2009: If the IRS uses Sonasoft products to backup their servers why wouldn't […]

Democrats offered a strong defense (for congressional Dems, criticism of the agency responsible for tax collection is akin to blasphemy) of the IRS and its commissioner at yesterday’s hearing. The IRS commissioner admitted that Lois Lerner’s hard drive was trashed three years ago: The IRS targeting happened before John Koskinen became the head of the […]

Let this meeting of the Ed Begley Jr. chapter of the Hell’s Angels come to order: Rumor has it the ad slogan is going to be “For the man who has had everything… except a beating at Sturgis.” I’ll take the loud, fossil fuel powered Harleys any day. A good Harley is one that you […]

It took the U.S. nearly two years to take into custody the “mastermind” of the Benghazi attack (how one can “mastermind” what was allegedly a spontaneous attack is anybody’s guess). The person in question lived relatively openly in Libya, and even conducted media interviews. State Department spokes-hack Jen Psaki was grilled about it by Fox […]

Veterans died on secret waiting lists? We’d better clean up the oceans! Our ocean is under threat. Join people all over the world and make a difference. #OurOcean2014 — Veterans Affairs (@DeptVetAffairs) June 16, 2014 I’m more convinced than ever that the government and their accomplices invented the global warming scare as a way […]

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