As Iraq appears close to collapse…

To my knowledge the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad hasn’t yet been evacuated, but I do know that preparations are under way in case that’s necessary.

As for the years of blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of America’s finest, that appears to be slipping away:

ISIS militants are taking control of more and more of Iraq. Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, has already fallen.

During it all I’ve been thinking about a Gold Star Mother who lives nearby. She lost her Marine son in Iraq nine years ago. Our little community here rallied to support her family and hopefully were of some comfort. There is still a picture of him in the window of the local gas station. The sun has left it a little faded, but his name is still readable, as are the words “KIA Fallujah, 2005.”

She remains very proud of her son of course, but I can’t help but try to imagine what she’s thinking today. And the same goes for the thousands of parents of service members killed in Iraq over a nine-year period.

The greatest disservice that could be done to these families — and the country for that matter — is if they end up telling themselves “it was for nothing.”

I’m afraid that’s precisely what’s happening.


Iran is of course smelling opportunity due to the instability.

Author: Doug Powers

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