Obama finally lives up to ‘historic transparency’ promise; Admits he lied during election campaigns

Now that he’s just over two years from leaving the White House, finally a bit of honesty:

“It is lonely, me just doing stuff,” Obama said at the speech in Austin, Texas, according to the official transcript and video posted on the White House website.

“I’m just telling the truth now,” Obama told the crowd. “I don’t have to run for office again, so I can just let her rip.

Telling the truth NOW? An interesting slip, but I still don’t believe it, and for good reason:

And I want to assure you, I’m really not that partisan of a guy.”

Not at all:

[…]in 2013, Obama called Republicans and his other opponents “deadbeats” for not agreeing to his big spending ways.

In September, Obama called Republicans saboteurs. He also called Republicans “hostage takers” that same month.

Then there was his 2013 accusation that Republicans were “kidnappers.”

It’s as if at some point Obama promised himself “if you like your bipartisanship, you can keep your bipartisanship” and was actually dumb enough to believe his own pledge.

Author: Doug Powers

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