Looks like the Dems have sent out the ‘compare turning away illegals at the border to the Holocaust’ memo

The Dems are hitting new lows on the border situation. Now, securing the border, enforcing the law and sending back those not going about entering the country legally is no better than turning away Jews seeking asylum during WWII.

I found three Democrats who have compared turning away “future Democrats” at the border to the Holocaust:

    Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick

    Nutcase Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein

I’m sure there are, and will be, many more Dems using the comparison.

However, history will not be kind to them if they are aware of a mass slaughter going on somewhere in South America and they refuse to point out exactly where this “21st century holocaust” is taking place. But it’s not as if the Obama leg-humpers in the MSM are going to challenge them on it.

Author: Doug Powers

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