Dem Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand refuses to name congressional harassers, so you just KNOW they’re Republicans

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has a new book to push, and in it she’s claimed that during her time in DC she’s been harassed sexually and ridiculed about her weight by certain members of Congress during and after pregnancy.

Who are the harassers? Well, Gillibrand can’t say because she’s trying to “raise the level of the debate” or something:

New York News

That was incredibly weak. If Gillibrand were a Republican she’d be getting formally blasted by feminists for enabling pigs to remain free to prey on others. But instead, some “feminists” are inventing excuses for why Gillibrand shouldn’t name names.

Funny that some lefties just seem to assume Gillibrand’s alleged harassers are Dems. Why would that be? I thought the Republicans were the ones waging a War on Women.

Of course there’s also the possibility Gillibrand made up the stories, but I doubt it because DC was and is D-Bag Central for grab-ass hypocrites preaching to the rest of us about morality and decorum.

Author: Doug Powers

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