Dems disguise another desperate fundraising push as one-millionth attempt to ‘Flush Rush’

The Dems are always finding some reason or another to make their base foam at the mouth and get Rush Limbaugh off the air, and of course that involves signing meaningless “petitions” that do nothing but help them accumulate email addresses for fundraising:

What did Limbaugh say to get the Dems riled up this time? Not enough to get them to offer a popular free-market alternative and drive Limbaugh out of business.

Advertiser boycotts are one thing, but for the DCCC fascists that’s just code for trying to figure out how to stomp on First Amendment rights:

The DCCC fapped like crazy over that one:

Naturally, Sandra Fluke is trying to get some mileage out of this too:

“Lumbaugh”? Ok.

They all might want to re-think it — if Rush is ever off the air they might cease to exist.

Author: Doug Powers

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