Paul Krugman and DCCC reach peak delusion

Everybody involved in this needs to be institutionalized for their own (but mostly OUR) protection:

“cc: Obama haters”? They spelled “team of psychiatrists” wrong.

Get Nurse Ratched, because these people need a double-dose Zyprexa IV stat!

Obama’s response after 2nd person tests positive for Ebola: Stay the course

A second person has tested positive for Ebola in Dallas. The new case had been providing care for the Liberian man who died from the virus. The CDC says the latest person to contract Ebola had worn a gown, gloves, mask and shield (but don’t worry, it’s still totally hard to catch).

President Obama’s plan of action remains simple: Stay the course:

But that was only after reporters were allowed to take pictures of Obama on the phone:

The photo op was put together so hastily Obama’s people forgot to put anything remotely resembling work on his desk.


Why isn’t there an Ebola vaccine? Well, lack of funding of course!

Yeah, let’s have more people from Harvard run the country

Barack Obama went to Harvard, and more Obama administration officials graduated from Harvard than any other school in the nation. Oh, and of course Elizabeth Warren was a professor at Harvard.

Given that lead-in, this is hardly surprising — meet the country’s future leadership if voters don’t wake up:

Not to dump on Harvard specifically. Ivy League schools in general are Petri dishes for leftists that tend to work their way into high powered government gigs (i.e. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Tom Perez, et al). I’m sorry, did I say government? I meant “public service” — said as sarcastically as possible.

Maybe Ebola can be killed by shaking it down: Jesse Jackson arrives in Dallas

THIS ought to make things better:

Who gets pegged a “racist” first? The hospital? The mayor?

The control tower at DFW will now try to make sure Jackson’s outgoing plane doesn’t collide with Al Sharpton’s incoming plane.

Obama admin sends official to give special praise at mosque attended by Oklahoma beheading suspect

Every time I think I can no longer be surprised, the Obama administration finds a new way to amaze:

Today, an official from Washington D.C. flew in to Oklahoma to present a special thank you to the Muslim congregation.

And while part of the Obama administration is apologizing to the Oklahoma Muslim community after an Islam convert cut off the head of a woman he worked with, another part of the Obama administration is apologizing to UAE and Turkey. Apologies all around! Well, except to the people who have been getting their heads cut off.

Here’s a person interviewed who says he attended the same mosque as Alton Nolen, who has been charged with the Moore, Oklahoma beheading. This is what earns high praise and a hearty “thank you” from this administration:

Watch another idiotic statement from Joe Biden before going back to hearing libs talk about how stupid Sarah Palin is

From the Weekly Standard:

Biden Overstates Deaths in Joplin, Missouri Tornado By 160,839:

Ol’ Joe just had to impulsively and unconsciously (because that’s the way he does everything) add the “thousand” after the 161 — almost as if the real number wasn’t fantastic enough. He’s practicing for 2016!

Ebola blamed on climate change, but only industrialized countries can halt the spread — go figure

This stuff’s getting really old, not to mention dangerous:

Because Africa was so disease-free before industrialization ruined it for them?

What’s maddening is that climate change alarmists blame industrialization and capitalism for Ebola, but when there’s an Ebola outbreak they say only First World industrialized countries can stem the spread by supplying medical aid, manpower (thousands of troops in this case) and of course billions of dollars.

Read between the lines and these “man-made climate change” dipshits are unwittingly admitting that if they get their way the human race could be wiped out. And since so many progressives seem fairly self-loathing, maybe that’s no accident.