Ever since the decision of the Ferguson grand jury was announced and alleged seekers of “justice” for Michael Brown burned down the neighborhood (most businesses torched were minority-owned) and looted, the wise progressive media has been parsing Darren Wilson’s statement. Here are words that are “racially charged” according to MSNBC and Vox, and could prove that Darren Wilson was a racist cop:




As well as “aggravated” and variations of “incredibly strong.”

Check out this Vox attempt to break the world non sequitur record — they “set the scene” by pretending it’s 100 years ago. Pitiful, but par for the course.

Things that don’t seem to be as controversial to the progressive media:

“Burn this bitch down.”

“Kill one of those crackers in their sleep.”

As for the mainstream media, hell, some of them are even having trouble admitting an entire town got trashed by thugs last night:


Surprised more of the MSM didn’t run with a “local marshmallow roast wrongly reported as arson because of racism” angle. I’m sure Vox will get to that soon enough.


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