Before Obama leaves office he’s determined to fulfill at least one campaign promise — unfortunately it’s the one that involves increasing the number of free-range terrorists: Five men who were held for a dozen years at the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been sent to the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan for […]

Somebody is hailing the establishment fairly early in this very young presidential cycle: I haven’t been this excited since the Novocaine started wearing off in the middle of my last root canal: Jeb Bush is the clear Republican presidential frontrunner, surging to the front of the potential GOP pack following his announcement that he’s “actively […]

Excuse me for a second, but HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sharpton also took an apparent swipe at the police unions, de Blasio and other leaders who have raged against him over what they perceive as his stoking of anti-cop sentiment. “Cheap demagogues,” he called those “who are trying to score cheap points off the bodies of these police.” […]

Have I mentioned before that these people are mentally ill? Planned Parenthood s'more A photo posted by mikkipedia (@realmikkipedia) on Dec 12, 2014 at 5:33am PST Ah, Planned Parenthood holiday s’mores — just like grandma Wendy Davis used to make!

There are plenty of reasons I’m not a fan of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio — for starters he’s a socialist designer of leftist utopia, which always ends in abject misery and disaster — but his siding with those who are peddling myths at worst and half-truths at best about recent police shootings is also […]

Enjoy working with your new co-producer, co-director and co-screenwriter, Sony Pictures! Hollywood came to the Rev. Al Thursday as embattled Sony exec Amy Pascal met privately with the black leader for 90 minutes in a bid to fix the fallout from the cyberhacking leak of embarrassing, racially charged emails. Pascal agreed to let Sharpton have […]

The picture of Bill Clinton with Andrea Catsimatidis has already made the rounds, but maybe Bubba was just being his usual consoling self because he knew she’d be single soon: Andrea Catsimatidis, the woman in creepy Bill Clinton picture, filed for divorce yesterday — Brent Scher (@BrentScher) December 18, 2014 As always, how does […]

A while ago I ran across this: In the interview, Michelle Obama described a fairly recent incident where she experienced racial prejudice: The first lady also described being mistreated at a Target store in suburban Washington, during a shopping trip she took in 2011. “Even as the first lady,” she told the magazine, “during the […]

Thanks for nothing, DiCaprio! Where was the media on this a few years ago when the Obama administration and Department of Energy were lying their asses off about electric cars so they could grease their cronies with billions of taxpayer dollars? It’s not like it’s “breaking news,” but the MSM has to pretend it is: […]

Multiple autopsies, including one conducted by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, have reached similar conclusions — one being that Michael Brown’s hands weren’t up and he wasn’t trying to surrender when Darren Wilson shot him. But don’t tell that to these CNN dopes who care more about contributing to pushing a false narrative than reporting the […]

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