The loose-lipped Department of Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson (I long for the days of the warming confidence radiated by Janet Napolitano) said Sunday that shoppers at the Mall of America should be “particularly careful” because of a threat made against the MOA by Al-Shabaab.

Up to now, this is how the Mall of America was kept secure (via Doug Ross):


This might shock you, but the authorities now think that might not be enough to deter terrorists.

The MOA has since beefed up security measures and isn’t only relying on the signs. Maybe the “gun free zone” signs should be re-enforced with State Department “violent extremism neighborhood watch” signs for an added layer of anti-terror protection.


19 Responses to “Mall of America worried their preferred method to repel potential terrorists won’t be effective?”

  1. Truesoldier__ on February 24th, 2015 11:40 am

    Add to that a watch list of "right wing extremism" and you may just have a winner Doug.

  2. Marshall_Will on February 24th, 2015 2:06 pm

    Oddly entertaining that for 30+ years The Professional Left had considered petition drives to be the ultimate expression of "citizen activism and civic responsibility". That IS ( until the Tea Party started circulating petitions! )

    Now; you're on a watchlist. Ironic MN, which has been one of the most "progressive and tolerant" citadels the Left could ever hope for was targeted.

    With their ( wholly undeserved ) narrative of pushing for 'net neutrality', we all need to be hyper skeptical of any social media trickery. Besides, if this were ISIS' 'intent', they'd have simply DONE it, and THEN Tweeted about it.

  3. Truesoldier__ on February 24th, 2015 3:57 pm

    Not that surprising that MN would be a target. Look at it from a planning point of view. You have an extremely large mall in a blue state (talk about a really soft target) with an extremely large Somali community (many of which have traveled overseas for training). This means you have a target of opportunity with the possibility of having the personnel already in place to be able to carry out the attack.

  4. Marshall_Will on February 24th, 2015 4:18 pm

    Bingo! In other words, a security breach you could drive a truck thru, extensive operational network ( complete w/ stoolies, lookouts, bagmen and tipsters ) battle/poverty hardened brutal thugs; all of MN's own MAKING!

    Happy at Michelle's has featured this for YEARS. Shockah…

  5. Marshall_Will on February 24th, 2015 4:29 pm

    In any number of ways, what we're currently being exposed to, the malaise/indifference of the LSM. Their repeated insistence what we're experiencing as a nation "isn't anything new", and littering/obscuring their ( no doubt FCC Approved ) websites w/ weight loss and travel/shopping tips, is unfortunately; the steady [media] diet we can expect more OF.

    It's not hard for me to imagine MM, Daily Caller, InfoWars etc. being forced into giving their home pages the same [generic] "makeover" where only regular, long time readers will know how to auger down for actual CONTENT.

    All to evade FCC/Obamanet scrutiny. It's possible that's why MM's newsletter now includes mother-daughter home ec. projects, weird weather pic's etc. so we can legitimately assert "it isn't just red meat for conservative bloggers?!"

  6. Truesoldier__ on February 24th, 2015 5:27 pm

    I have been wondering about that as well. I was hoping it was just Michelle trying to branch out and offer more than politics, but you may be right. The FCC vote is only days away and we know it is already a foregone conclusion which way the vote will go.

    I wonder how the net neutrality nuts will take it when they find out that their bandwidth is dropped to too slow to be able to stream their favorite porn sites from mommies basement.

  7. Truesoldier__ on February 24th, 2015 5:29 pm

    O/T…Good news. At least one GOP Primary debate will actually have a real moderator. Hugh Hewitt has been tapped to moderate one of the three debates. We need to ensure that the ratings for that debate are high and the debates moderated by the usual suspects tank in the ratings. Maybe then the GOP will get a clue.

    They just updated the story, Hewitt is not moderating the debate just hosting it. CNN will provide the moderator. So much for good news.

  8. Marshall_Will on February 24th, 2015 6:19 pm

    I'm in no way critiquing anyone that's enjoyed success in the very tough business of "competing for eyeballs". And in her own words, "there's more to 'life' ( than just politics 24/7? )"

    Mindful, this in the wake of: Debacle II. When so many of us were, I don't know, hoping against HOPE it was all just a bad 'dream' and she/SOMEONE could somehow, nullify the whole crooked election?

    But that really has been their vision ever since securing the WH a 2nd time, to finish us off! By slowing the pacing to a crawl, it affords them the luxury of a) getting THEIR talking points out there first, b) better synching w/ their antiquated LSM/TV mediums ( they're getting CRUSHED in the ratings ) and c) perform better, more effective mind/damage control, and the list goes on…

  9. Doug on February 24th, 2015 7:32 pm

    Unfortunately the GOP leadership does not want a moderator like Hewitt (or any conservative who will turn the screws and reveal who really is and is not conservative). They think that kind of a process will leave a nominee too "torn up" by the process to be effective enough in the general. They'd rather field a few questions from John King or Wolf Blitzer and cry media bias than sweat their way through a two-hour grilling from Megyn Kelly.

    At least Candy Crowley's no longer with CNN, so she won't be there to provide the Dem talking points.

  10. backwoodsconsr on February 24th, 2015 8:56 pm

    Doug, let's see if they'll let you and me moderate a debate, with the goal of seeing how often we can get the candidates and the audience to bust out laughing.

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  18. O.S.I. on June 1st, 2017 8:12 pm

    Mall food sucks.

  19. Roger on June 6th, 2017 5:00 pm

    Then don't buy it.

    See how easy it is to fix things under capitalism?

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