‘War Stories, with Brian Williams’

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams was flat out busted Wednesday after being called out for spending over a decade pushing a false firsthand account of how he was supposedly on a chopper in Iraq that came under RPG fire and had to make an emergency landing. Problem is, the chopper Williams was on didn’t come along until much later and was never under fire. Somehow though that evolved into a harrowing wartime tale that Williams recounted for many people, including David Letterman.

From the WaPo:

NBC News anchor Brian Williams conceded on Wednesday that a story he had told about being under fire while covering the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was false.

Williams said he was not aboard a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire and forced down — a story he retold as recently as last week during a televised tribute to a retired soldier during a New York Rangers hockey game.

On “NBC Nightly News” Wednesday evening, Williams read a 50-second statement apologizing for his characterization of the episode.

“After a groundfire incident in the desert during the Iraq war invasion, I made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago,” he said. “It did not take long to hear from some brave men and women in the air crews who were also in that desert. I want to apologize. I said I was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by [rocket-propelled grenade] fire. I was instead in a following aircraft. .?.?. This was a bungled attempt by me to thank one special veteran and, by extension, our brave military men and women, veterans everywhere, those who have served while I did not.”

Yeah, you know how it was when you were never on a helicopter that was under fire in a war zone but you get confused and thing you were, right? Me neither. Watch for Williams’ fellow MSMers to go to unprecedented lengths to explain away his bullshit story.

Williams has in the past mocked the integrity of “bloggers” and such, so I’ll keep my inaccurate and unreliable opinions to myself.

Here’s another harrowing tale from Williams:

Like I said, the MSM will give Williams cover, but he should really be asked this:

Is there a vaccine against media malpractice? New York Times has Hillary’s back… again

Democrats including Hillary Clinton are suddenly using the “anti-vaxxer” issue to add to global warming denialism in order to paint the GOP as “anti-science.”

Right on cue, the New York Times is happy to help push the latest bullshit talking point:

The vaccination controversy is a twist on an old problem for the Republican Party: how to approach matters that have largely been settled among scientists but are not widely accepted by conservatives.

The lib media is determined to help launch Hillary’s 2016 campaign even if they have to suck-start it.

So according to the NYT, these people are “conservatives” now: RFK Jr. — Obama-supporting actress Alicia Silverstone — residents of some of the most liberal places in California — Million-dollar donor to a pro-Obama Super PAC Bill Maher — Hollywood lib Jim Carrey — and of course Hillary circa 2008 (the list goes on).

The media malpractice we’re witnessing is only going to get worse as they’re going to force themselves to pretend that not only are there anti-vaxxers who are Democrats, but perhaps more than can be found on the right.

60 Minutes reporter denies bragging to mistress about Obama, possibly because he doesn’t want to be demoted to MSNBC

These crusty old news guys sure do get some action, don’t they?

Veteran “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Kroft has come clean about a steamy affair with a New York City lawyer, a fiery three-year fling that included hot hotel hookups and torrid text messages.

“I had an extramarital affair that was a serious lapse of personal judgment and extremely hurtful to my wife and family, and for that I have nothing but regret,” Kroft said in a statement to the Post.

“My wife and I are committed to each other and are working hard to get past this, and consider it a private matter.”
It’s a story you won’t see on “60 Minutes.”

During sex, Kroft’s “safe word” was “Rooney.”

This is the most believable part of the story, which Kroft denies:

A source close to Kroft’s lover told The Post that the TV hotshot was “really paranoid about right-wing zealots” finding out about their affair and using the tawdry details to try to destroy his career and CBS.
The racy texts also show Kroft boasting about his buddy-buddy rapport with President Obama, whom he referred to as “Barry.”

When news of Kroft’s affair with Goines, 41, broke four weeks ago, he readily admitted it to The Post — but insisted that he never had any pillow talk with Goines about Obama, whom the newsman has interviewed repeatedly.

The source, however, said Kroft was proud to boast to Goines about his closeness to the leader of the free world — and let slip that Obama “hates” his attorney general, Eric Holder.

“[Kroft] definitely said Obama feels comfortable with him, because he was the first person to take him seriously when he was running for president,” the insider said.

“They have a rapport. They used to smoke together.”

That’s very easy to believe because Kroft’s softball interviews of Obama are legendary. But maybe Kroft fears that if he admitted a rapport with Obama he might end up at MSNBC, which doesn’t pay nearly as well as his current gig.

Not only is Kroft’s mistress embarrassed, but now she can’t get this sound out of her head: