A sign from the sump pump

You might have noticed that posting has been light of late (mostly here but also at MM.com in the past couple of days). My father passed away late Saturday night/early Sunday morning after a long decline from Alzheimer’s and related problems.

He was a proud Air Force veteran and successful business executive who loved his family, country and the outdoors.

Quick background on this “signs” story: When I was growing up, our house (which my mother still lives in) had a sump pump, like many do. It’s an area where the ground can get very damp and if a sump pump isn’t maintained, there will be problems.

I remember one time, probably back in the late 1970’s or so, coming home from vacation to find the basement to be knee-deep with water. I used to like to watch my dad fiddle with the sump pump, replace it when necessary, and check to make sure it was working properly on a daily basis. In other words, if story of the area of my dad’s life that concerns household machinery had been written by Herman Melville, my father would have been Captain Ahab and the sump pump would have been his “white whale.” I learned all of my sump pump tech skills from him.

On the other hand, the house I’ve now lived in with my family for about 15 years has a fairly dry basement, but we do have a sump pump. As a matter of fact, I replaced it last year and alerted Mystery Science Theater 3000 alum Mike Nelson that the old sump pump looked familiar:

I’m guessing that also closely resembles what Hillary’s email server looks like.

I hadn’t had much trouble with the new sump pump that I replaced that with, other than some tweaking here and there.

Okay, here’s the “signs” part: My dad passed away very early Sunday morning. Later in the morning, knowing my sister was coming over with other company (where we would talk about dad while watching Michigan State clinch a Final Four appearance — WOOT!), my wife suggested we serve a ham we had in the basement freezer. When I went downstairs to get it, I heard a loud buzzing sound and traced it to the laundry room. Looking at the corner of the room, the sump hole was full of water and the pump wasn’t working. I unplugged the pump, pulled it from the hole, drained it, let it cool down and then tried it again — and it worked.

A “sign” from my dad, or just a happy coincidence? In either case, it brought back great memories when they were needed most.

I’ll be back to as close to full speed as possible before too long (“full speed” for me defined as about 70 percent — I’m a big believer in not burning your reserves).

This spring, the weather watches and warnings we get on occasion might provide an opportunity for further tribute to my dad: I’ll pour a gin & tonic over the rocks and go stand in the driveway looking for tornadoes after ordering the rest of the family into the basement for safety… and to make sure the sump pump is working.


Update: In hindsight maybe I should have mentioned the sump pump in dad’s obituary, but it’s still not bad.

Hillary Clinton now so transparent that the press doesn’t even need to ask her any questions

The wind-up:

When she was asked to headline an event with hundreds of political reporters, editors and executives, she recounted thinking, “What could possibly go wrong?”

“I am all about new beginnings,” Clinton said at the Toner Prize event in Washington. “A new grandchild, another new hair style, a new email account, why not a new relationship with the press? So here goes, no more secrecy, no more zone of privacy. After all, what good did that do me?”

And the pitch:

Honored on Monday was reporter Dan Balz, The Washington Post’s chief correspondent and an icon in the political reporting world. Upon accepting his prize, Balz thanked Clinton and said, “I am happy to yield my time back to you if you want to take some questions.”

Clinton declined, but did chat briefly with some of the reporters in the room before leaving the event.

Hillary Clinton, will you live up to your pledge to be more open?

Didn’t think so.


At the end of the event, reporters gave Hillary a standing ovation in appreciation of all she’s done to deceive them and as a show of their willingness to nonetheless carry her water in 2016.

She’s SO funny: FLOTUS welcomes ‘very rare’ opportunity to travel outside US

Here’s Michelle Obama last week in China:

“It’s very rare that I have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States, and it’s even more rare to have the opportunity to travel with three generations — with my daughters, and with my mother,” she said. “And it is no accident that one of our first trips as a family is here to China.”

Sure, and she also intrudes on school lunches very rarely.

It depends on what your definition of “very rare” is:


And that doesn’t include last year.

Rare? The facts argue otherwise. CNN has a photo gallery of FLOTUS’ overseas trips. Since becoming First Lady in 2009, Michelle Obama has visited Africa (2013), Northern Ireland and Germany, South Africa (2011), Mexico City, Haiti, India, Copenhagen. Those are official visits, at a rate of more than two overseas trips per year.

Mrs. Obama has also taken a series of overseas vacations that include trips to Spain and France…

As a matter of fact, FLOTUS was in China just one year ago. But maybe “very rare” translates to “a hell of a lot” in Mandarin.

Hillary says there’s a ‘fun deficit’; Bill disagrees vehemently

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton said there’s a “fun deficit” and put forth the idea for “camps for adults” where tents would be pitched and friendly relationship-building exercises would take place (Hillary’s husband used to refer to that as “The Oval Office”).

So with that in mind, here are your quotes of the week:

John Kerry enters pantheon of great leaders like Lincoln, Churchill and MLK, according to… John Kerry

Today I heard Rush Limbaugh read this quote delivered by John Kerry during one of his “we’re all gonna die unless everybody except me stops flying and living in mansions” global warming alarmist speeches and I nearly drove off the highway:

“My heroes are people who dared to take on great challenges without knowing for certain what the outcome would be. Lincoln took risks, Gandhi took risks, Churchill took risks, Dr. King took risks, Mandela took risks, but that doesn’t mean that every risk-taker is a role model,” Kerry said speaking to the Atlantic Council as part of the “Road to Paris Climate Series.”

“Terrorism, extremism, epidemics, poverty, nuclear proliferation, all challenges that respect no borders – climate change belongs on that very same list. It is, indeed, one of the biggest threats facing our planet today,” he added.

Awful comparison by Lurch, who has obviously entered stage 5 of toxic Botox shock syndrome. People like Churchill, MLK, et al took on challenges without knowing for certain what the outcome would be, but Kerry, Gore, etc. have invented a challenge while knowing exactly what the outcome will be — because they’ve already scripted it.

In case anybody thinks that BS isn’t about silencing dissent, twice in the clip below Kerry mentions rights, and how those who disagree with the alarmism don’t have any on this matter:

1) “By what right do people just stand up and say ‘well I dispute that’?”

2) “That is a dramatic statement of fact that no one of good conscience has a right to ignore.”

John Kerry is the collective face of panicked grant recipients fearing the well is running dry, and you lose your “rights” if you disagree with him:

“The biggest threats facing our planet today” include lunatics like obscene hypocrite John Kerry.

The Obamas are sharing so much sacrifice they had to take separate jets to California

As always, “shared sacrifice” is for the rubes, and not our elite leaders:

While the dance-off between the first lady and DeGeneres had its fair share of entertaining moments and positive media coverage, afterward the White House press corps pelted the president’s press secretary with questions about why the first lady and the president had taken separate flights to the area on the same day.

According to a recent Air Force estimate, Air Force One costs $228,288 an hour to fly, making a four-to five-hour flight to Los Angeles roughly $1 million each way.

And before we know it these same people will be trying to scare America into doing something about man-made climate change (or maybe that should be “first lady and president-made climate change”).

Greta Van Susteren rightly called out the hypocrisy:

Did the dog get his own aircraft too this time?

Hillary Gump offered up some pretty good advice 20 years ago

Have you seen the god-awful “spoof” video the Clintons did 20 years ago? There is one redeeming quality: In it, “Hillary Gump” advises a reporter investigating a potential political wrongdoing (a spliced in Robert Redford from “All the President’s Men”) to “follow the money.” As always, the same goes for anybody trying to get to the bottom of any Clinton “scandal,” including secret email servers.

Check your gag reflex at the door and take a look:

Hillary offered Bill a “box of chocolates” just after he gave a “Walt Whitman’s Sampler” to his side action.

(h/t Ed Morrissey)

Stop questioning Hillary Clinton’s use of private email, or Lanny Davis will shoot this puppy!

That title isn’t totally accurate, but since this is a post about Lanny Davis, the truth has no home here. Besides, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch if the Hillary Clinton email thing drags on for much longer.

From Sunday, the Clintons’ longtime designated liar Lanny Davis served up a whopper for why Hillary opted for 100 percent use of personal email while Secretary of State:

On an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace on Sunday morning, Davis said “a secretary of state traveling to 111 countries might be needing to have one email system versus people in the department who should use the official system.” When pressed on the point, Davis continued, “as secretary of state she might feel the need, traveling all over, with a hand-held device… ” (at this point, Wallace — fortunately for Lanny Davis — interrupted.)

It was a shame Wallace interrupted, because I sensed Davis’ self-beclowning wasn’t even half over.

Basically Davis was trying to say that “she couldn’t use a government email system while traveling because the cord isn’t long enough.” At least that’s my interpretation. Hillary moves too fast for government email to keep up with, so she had to use a homebrew server registered to her home address.