I can’t offer any better than this to keep the weekend rumbling along. Can the universe possibly get more aligned?


It’s a good thing this meeting didn’t happen on Bill’s 69th birthday this August or the universe might have imploded.


13 Responses to “Bubba meets his match”

  1. Marshall_Will on March 9th, 2015 4:15 pm

    Simply do not UNDERSTAND dimmocratic baby boomer's TAKE on this!? Had it not been for the ( almost UNIVERSAL ) support of boomers, Clinton would still be chasing bucktooth interns/assistants/gas station attendants in Arkansas.

    No one, and I mean NO ONE has been hit harder economically than freaking boomers and STILL they continue to provide critical [voter] mass to this clown and his 'wife'?

    Perhaps they've all been a bit 'busy' what with putting off 'retirement'… ( another DECADE or so? ) and raising grandchildren as their OWN but: in a perfect world, shouldn't there be a mass DEFECTION of Boomers from the Dimmocratic party? I'll enjoy seeing them all working the swing shift at Costco while Bill parties like a _ockstar. Can you get that 48 pack of TP off the top shelf for me? I know how much you enjoy "keeping busy" now that you're in your 60's.

  2. Marshall_Will on March 9th, 2015 4:32 pm

    Speaking of Underwater BOOMERZ; another abusive as f@#k 'trend' I've been noticing, local governments KNOW their tax base is [near completely] underwater on their homes. They KNOW these "loan owners" REFUSE to sell and eat the 'loss'. ( Really? )

    So they'll just keep heaping untold new tax hikes, utilities fees and assessments/"quality of nanny life" pet PROJECTS down throats until bank accounts are depleted and their blood pressure necessarily skyrockets.

    People that either OWN their home/s outright, or retained substantial EQUITY have…., OPTIONS! They can sell and take an [albeit lesser] profit, rent it OUT ( again at a PROFIT ) or they can convert to CASH. Then pack their ef'ing BAGS and catch the next chrome plated boomer collectible car out of TOWN!

    Although they might not 'like' the taxathon ( how many times have you heard people say their home 'value' keeps going DOWN, but their property keep going UP? ) they'll continue to hope against HOPE the next round of school 'bond' issues/rodgering spikes their home value enough where they can get OFF this crazy thing! And let the next generation worry about ITSELF!

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