Stop questioning Hillary Clinton’s use of private email, or Lanny Davis will shoot this puppy!

That title isn’t totally accurate, but since this is a post about Lanny Davis, the truth has no home here. Besides, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch if the Hillary Clinton email thing drags on for much longer.

From Sunday, the Clintons’ longtime designated liar Lanny Davis served up a whopper for why Hillary opted for 100 percent use of personal email while Secretary of State:

On an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace on Sunday morning, Davis said “a secretary of state traveling to 111 countries might be needing to have one email system versus people in the department who should use the official system.” When pressed on the point, Davis continued, “as secretary of state she might feel the need, traveling all over, with a hand-held device… ” (at this point, Wallace — fortunately for Lanny Davis — interrupted.)

It was a shame Wallace interrupted, because I sensed Davis’ self-beclowning wasn’t even half over.

Basically Davis was trying to say that “she couldn’t use a government email system while traveling because the cord isn’t long enough.” At least that’s my interpretation. Hillary moves too fast for government email to keep up with, so she had to use a homebrew server registered to her home address.

Author: Doug Powers

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