The Obamas are sharing so much sacrifice they had to take separate jets to California

As always, “shared sacrifice” is for the rubes, and not our elite leaders:

While the dance-off between the first lady and DeGeneres had its fair share of entertaining moments and positive media coverage, afterward the White House press corps pelted the president’s press secretary with questions about why the first lady and the president had taken separate flights to the area on the same day.

According to a recent Air Force estimate, Air Force One costs $228,288 an hour to fly, making a four-to five-hour flight to Los Angeles roughly $1 million each way.

And before we know it these same people will be trying to scare America into doing something about man-made climate change (or maybe that should be “first lady and president-made climate change”).

Greta Van Susteren rightly called out the hypocrisy:

Did the dog get his own aircraft too this time?

Author: Doug Powers

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