Video proof: Hillary Clinton has manufactured more accents than Hyundai

You can’t say “phony” enough times to describe Hillary Clinton, but this is truly amazing:

Maybe the funniest thing about that video is how many times the Bloomberg News twit went out of her way explain away Hillary’s obvious and cheap attempts at fake accents. “She talked like she was from Louisiana, but two decades before that ate some Cajun meatloaf, so that must explain it!” (That’s what I heard anyway)

But boy, they left out her most embarrassing phony accent of all:

Institution of higher learning photo of the day: Ring toss, Planned Parenthood-style

Let’s check in with an institution of higher learning located about 70 miles north of where I’m sitting to see how the molding of the minds of tomorrow’s leaders is coming along:


One purported goal is to educate people whose sexual knowledge is so lacking that they don’t know a real penis doesn’t have a face like that on it (though would that be freakin’ awesome or what?).

Another goal, no doubt more important than the first, is apparently to make “Generation Gimme” transcend the end of the Hope & Change era and parlay that into continued “free” stuff paid for by somebody else:

Featuring free condom giveaways and educational games about sex and sexual practices, the intention of the health festival, Phenicie says, is to promote positive life choices for students who choose to be sexually active.

“Sextival is a sexual health festival that is intended to raise awareness of sexual health, to educate college students who may have not gotten a great sexual health education in high school, and just really to get people talking about (sex),” Phenicie said. “A lot of people are really uncomfortable talking about sex but a more open atmosphere leads to better outcomes.”

Organizations present at Sextival included the Office of LGBTQ Services, SAGE and Planned Parenthood.

Students in attendance at the event were widely receptive of all the different games and giveaways that were available. Some said the games were the reason for them attending.

Seniors Bryana Borders and Brittany Kronner learned about the event online through Facebook and knew they had to go.

“I figured there was a lot of free stuff I could get,” Borders said. “But I’m taking a human sexuality class now so I’ve been learning about all this stuff, so it’s nice to be able to apply it and it’s just fun.”

Phenicie said in the future she hopes to see Sextival be upgraded to an entire week, rather than just one day.

And I’m sure plenty of Planned Parenthood business cards were handed out… just in case.

(h/t @KristinaJH)

Obama’s ‘brother from another mother’?

This was a photo used during Obama’s WHCD “monologue”:


Brother from another mother?


The White House is going out of its way these days to make Americans proud of the institution of the U.S. presidency.

I’m guessing that he’s listening to one of his own speeches.

So how much did this cat donate to the Clinton Foundation to be included in Hillary’s campaign pitch?

Here’s one of the ways the Hillary campaign showed off their new campaign bumper sticker:

OK, I get it — cats and Hillary both have nine lives (Hillary probably a few more than that). Sure, it’s cheesy, but the cat is a generous Clinton Foundation donor from Russia so what are ya gonna do?

Team Hillary wants to know something:


One of Hillary’s staffers heard her yelling that at Bill as he left the house for a road trip and thought it was catchy enough to be used for the campaign.

Hillary was counting on the MSM to forget about her emails and server, and she was right

Not that this wasn’t totally predictable, but Team Hillary got the email server story out very early, knowing the media would mention it and then move on and be distracted by the Chipotle squirrel, etc. They were correct:


That graph has flat-lined like Bill nearly does every time Hillary surprises him by coming home unexpectedly.

The media can now say “we covered that already” even though they haven’t gotten any answers, all while accusing those still pursuing the story of being witch hunters and, of course, sexist. But remember, there’s no pro-Hillary media bias!

ISIS kills more Christians, threatens another 9/11, and Obama focuses on this ‘no greater threat’ that we face

ISIS is still on their murderous rampage. Here’s the latest:

They’re also calling for broader and more spectacular terrorist atrocities:

Meanwhile, Obama’s calling out the real threat the world faces:

These clowns still have over a year and a half left in office.

Pro-abortion ‘comedian’ earns the title once again

Is there a less self-aware lib “entertainer” than Sarah Silverman? Probably, but for the sake of the argument let’s pretend there isn’t.

Silverman’s emphatically pro-abortion:

But a few days ago she passed along this pearl of wisdom:

Well in that case: THIS IS IMPORTANT —> “Goo” is apparently the exception to that “sanctity of life” golden rule.

Celebrities are so super insightful!

Hillary campaign planning to spend $2.5 billion, or just under half of the amount unaccounted for during her tenure at State

During Hillary Clinton’s time at the State Department, they were unable to provide a paper trail for $6 billion worth of contracts. Hillary and the administration waved it off as a “bureaucratic issue,” which is probably why Team Hillary will consider the price tag for the Oval Office to be chump change:

Hillary Rodham Clinton and her support groups are opening a massive fundraising effort to collect an historically-high $2.5 billion to win the White House, according to reports.

That amounts to $37.92 per vote in the general election for the Democrat, more than ever spent in a national campaign. The math is based on the votes received by President Obama in his reelection, 65,915,796.

I imagine that foreign governments alone will probably pony up half that (if they haven’t already), laundered of course through the Clinton Foundation. By the way, this part of the title of the article in the previous link cracks me up: “Raise major ethical questions for Hillary Clinton.” Hillary Clinton asks herself no “ethical questions,” and neither does a great deal of the media, which is how we’ve ended up with the modern-day politics’ version of the Gambino family retaining so much power in American politics, and they’re attempting to get even more.


Want to see something pathetic?

How many of those morons were Hillary staffers who just wanted to beg her for a place to sleep?

Who knew Raul Castro had such a good sense of humor?

Like Putin and Ayatollah Khamenei, Raul Castro must know that he’s really got a big fish on the hook here:

Castro, in a meandering, nearly hour-long speech to the Summit of the Americas, ran through an exhaustive history of perceived Cuban grievances against the U.S. dating back more than a century—a vivid display of how raw passions remain over American attempts to undermine Cuba’s government.

Then, in an abrupt about face, he apologized for letting his emotions get the best of him. He said many U.S. presidents were at fault for that troubled history — but that Obama isn’t one of them.

“I have told President Obama that I get very emotional talking about the revolution,” Castro said through a translator, noting that Obama wasn’t even born when the U.S. began sanctioning the island nation. “I apologize to him because President Obama had no responsibility for this.”

In a remarkable vote of confidence from a Cuban leader, Castro added: “In my opinion, President Obama is an honest man.”

Castro and Obama were expected to meet later Saturday on the sidelines of the summit — the first substantial meeting between a U.S. and Cuban president in more than five decades.

Funny that Obama’s biggest fans (and vice versa) seem to be totalitarian thugs, socialist goons and communist dictators.

Did Obama tell Castro “if you like your revolution, you can keep your revolution”? If so, you’re finished, Castro!